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Thank you for considering to apply at IAS. We will process your application within the next three weeks after receiving it. Applications received by email are not valid without having been entered through this form. Please note:

  • Please understand that a research statement is not a cover letter but determines whether we interview you.
  • Make sure to connect to IAS in your research statement. We will ONLY interview you if your research statement does make a compelling case why you want to join our group specifically and you have outlined how you fit into our ongoing research!
  • Do not your 500 word research statement on "Dear Dr. "/"To whom this may concern", "I am Firstname Lastname", obvious aspects from your CV, your childhood experiences, or why your university is such a nice school. Don't finish with "Best regards, Sincerely" either. Ignoring this bullet point will result in a desk reject.
  • In your research statement, we want to hear about your research experience, your prior knowledge, your research plans and why you want to work with us.
  • Your CV, your grade sheets and your degrees should be in one PDF file. If we invite you to interviews, expect to be grilled with technical questions on any claimed ability as if it was an oral exam.
  • In Germany, you are allowed to add a photo to your CV. We like it if you add one as a future student/PostDoc is a person not a job.
  • Please ensure that your PDFs do not exceed 500k each.
  • Only complete applications through this online system will be considered.
  • Application materials need to be in English, we do not accept CVs or research statements in German.
  • This website is also supposed to be used for Scholarship applications (including DAAD, CSC, WISE, etc) and all internship applications except for IREP internships (please apply centrally).
  • Internship applicants from the USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, please consider applying for internships at TU Darmstadt through the IREP program, which offer substantial funding possibilities.

If your application is deemed successful, you will be contacted for Zoom interviews. Incomplete applications or applications by email will be not be considered.

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