Student Jobs

We occasionally have HiWi positions for students of the TU Darmstadt. If you are interested in one of the opportunities, please contact only the person indicated in the job description.

HiWi position: Robotics Software Engineer for the Franka Emika Panda (simulator and real robot)

We are looking for a robotics software engineer to help us develop the simulator and controllers for the Franka Emika Panda.

Scheduled tasks

  • Develop low-level software for the Panda controllers (position, velocity, torque).
  • Integrate MoveIt as a motion planner in our system.
  • Create a simulation environment in Pybullet and/or IsaacGym.
  • Test the controllers in the real robot.


  • Knowledge in robotics and control
  • Good knowledge of C++ and Python
  • Good knowledge of ROS
  • Experience with simulators (e.g., V-Rep/CoppeliaSim, Pybullet, ...)
  • Master students in Computer Science, Autonomous Systems, Control and Mechanical Engineering, or a closely related topic are preferred

If you are interested, please send an email with your CV to (


  • Start: ASAP
  • Duration: At least 6 months
  • Minimum contract: 32 h/month

HiWi positions: Tutors for Robot Learning Fall 2021.

We are currently looking for Tutors for the next Robot Learning lecture, happening in Autumn 2021.

Scheduled tasks

  1. Help in the preparation of theoretical and programming exercises
  2. Grading of exercises
  3. Answer students' questions to exercises


  1. Ideally have heard the Robot Learning or the Reinforcement Learning lecture OR the Machine Learning and Robotics lectures
  2. Programming (python) knowledge

If you are interested, please send a short letter of motivation and your CV to,


  • Start: November
  • Duration: at least 3 months

HiWi position: Website and documentation for the MushroomRL library

The MushroomRL library is a Python library for implementing and running RL experiments. The user base of MushroomRL is constantly growing, as more and more functionalities are added to the library. The recent publication of a JMLR article about MushroomRL is giving high visibility to the library, and motivates its developers Carlo D'Eramo and Davide Tateo to keep improving it. For this HiWi position, we are looking for highly-skilled programmers to create a website dedicated to description and documentation. The website should provide an extensive description of the library, with use cases, examples, and videos. The documentation should be complete and easy to read. Moreover, the graphics of the website has to be modern and captivating. The HiWi student will also have the opportunity to work on the benchmarking of Reinforcement Learning algorithms, if desired.

Scheduled tasks

  • Create a website for MushroomRL;
  • Improve the technical documentation of MushroomRL;
  • Optional: run benchmarking of Reinforcement Algorithms with MushroomRL.


  • Basic knowledge of Reinforcement Learning;
  • Experience with tools for automatically building documentation, e.g., Read the Docs;
  • Excellent knowledge of web programming languages, e.g. HTML , CSS.

If you are interested, please send an email with your CV to and


  • Start: ASAP.
  • Duration: At least 6 months.

HiWi position: Variable impedance control for mobile manipulator - test and development

We are looking for a robotics engineer to assist in setting up our new mobile manipulation library for the TIAGo++ robots.

Scheduled tasks

  1. Implementation of variable impedance controller
  2. Document and test navigation stack
  3. Create behavior templates for the robot for contact-rich tasks
  4. Contribute to our TIAGo++ robot wiki


  1. Necessary knowledge in Robotics and Control,
  2. Very good knowledge of C++ and/or Python. Experience with robot simulators is an advantage.
  3. Proficient in ROS
  4. Masters in Engineering, Computer Science, or relevant topic is preferred.

If you are interested, please send a short letter of motivation and your CV to mailto:


  • Start: September 2021
  • Duration: at least 6 months -- topic can be extended into a master thesis

HiWi position: Tutor*in zur Untersützung der CER Veranstaltung

Wir suchen Tutor*innen für die Veranstaltung Computational Engineering und Robotik.

Geplante Aufgaben

  1. Übungskorrektur
  2. Beantwortung von Fragen im Moodle


  1. Bestehen der Computational Engineering und Robotik Veranstaltung (oder ähnlich)

Bei Interesse, wendet euch bitte per Mail an:


  1. Beginn: 01.04.2020 (oder nach Absprache)
  2. Dauer: mind. 3 Monate

HiWi position: Integrating algorithms for human-robot interaction in the context of the EU-project SHAREWORK

For the project SHAREWORK we are looking for a software engineer to assist in the integration of algorithms for Human-Robot Collaboration

Scheduled tasks

  1. Develop a Python script for segmenting human trajectories in the robot workspace
  2. Integrate a visual sensor (Intel RealSense) in the robotic setup
  3. Create ROS package for the integration of various modules


  1. Knowledge of Robotics, Machine Learning
  2. Knowledge of Python and/or C++. Experience with robot simulators is an advantage.
  3. Knowledge of ROS
  4. Will to work with real robotic platforms

If you are interested, please send a short letter of motivation and your CV to mailto:,


  • Start: From now on
  • Duration: at least 3 months


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