Team Members

Our team is distributed over two sites. Our main location are the Computational Learning for Autonomous Systems lab and the Intelligent Autonomous Systems lab of the Technische Universitaet Darmstadt where we are located in the E3xx rooms of the Robert Piloty Building, see our contact information for directions. However, several team members are located the Robot Learning Lab at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems at Tübingen. The Ph.D. students of the Robot Learning Lab are all also external doctoral students of the Autonomous Systems labs of the Technische Universitaet Darmstadt.

Intelligent Autonomous Systems at the Technische Universitaet Darmstadt
PhotoNamePosition at TU DarmstadtGroupPhone No
Jan PetersFull Professor, Head of IAS, Project Leader for the SKILLS4ROBOTS, SCARL, LearnRobotS (MPI), HRI Collaboration, and BIMROB.IASwork+49-6151-16-25374
Elmar RueckertVisiting Professor, Part of GOAL-RobotsIASwork+49-6151-16-25376
Riad AkrourPost-Doc LearnRobotsIASwork+49-6151-16-20073
Joni PajarinenResearch Group Leader ROBOLEAPIASwork+49-6151-16-25380
Oleg ArenzPh.D. Student, Research and Teaching AssistantCLASwork+49-6151-16-20074
Daniel TannebergPh.D. Student, Research and Teaching AssistantIASwork+49-6151-16-25370
Boris BelousovPh.D. Student, Research and Teaching AssistantIASwork+49-6151-16-25387
Hany AbdulsamadPh.D. Student, Research and Teaching AssistantIASwork+49-6151-16-25387
Dorothea KoertPost-Doc, KOBOIASwork+49-6151-16-25380
Svenja StarkPh.D. Student, Research and Teaching AssistantIASwork+49-6151-16-20811
Fabio MuratorePh.D. Student, Research AssistantIASwork+49-6151-1625376
Samuele TosattoPh.D. Student, Research AssistantIASwork+49-6151-1625376
Michael LutterPh.D. Student, Research AssistantIASwork+49-6151-16-25372
Joe WatsonPh.D. Student, Research AssistantIASwork+49-6151-16-20073
Tuan DamPh.D. Student, Research AssistantIASwork+49-6151-16-20073
Julen Urain De JesusPh.D. Student, Research AssistantIASwork+49-6151-16-20073
Pascal KlinkPh.D. Student, Research AssistantIASwork+49-6151-16-25371
Puze LiuPh.D. Student, Research AssistantIASwork+49-6151-16-20073
Joao CarvalhoPh.D. Student, Research AssistantIASwork+49-6151-16-20811
Niklas FunkPh.D. Student, Research AssistantIASwork+49-6151-16-20074
Sabine SchnittSystem AdministratorIASwork+49-6151-16-25377
Marion BeckSecretaryIASwork+49-6151-16-25374
Nanette SchreiberSecretaryIASwork+49-6151-16-25374
External Members
PhotoNamePositionGroupPhone No
Stefan LöckelPh.D. StudentIAS
Philip Becker-EhmckPh.D. StudentIAS
Duy Nguyen-TuongBosch Center for Artificial Intelligence at Renningen, Germany  
Jens KoberAssociate Professor at TU Delft, Netherlands 
Andras KupcsikNational University of Singapore  
Heni Ben AmorAssistant Professor at Arizona State University, USA  
Abdeslam BoulariasAssistant Professor at Rutgers University, USA  
Katharina MuellingCarnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA  
Zhikun WangGoogle, Mountain View, CA, USA  
Marc DeisenrothFull Professor, University College London (UCL), UK  
Tucker HermansAssistant Professor at University of Utah, USA  
Oliver KroemerAssistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, USA (after a Post-Doc at University of Southern California)  
Christian DanielBosch Center for Artificial Intelligence at Renningen, Germany  
Roberto CalandraUniversity of California in Berkeley, USA  
Herke van HoofAssistant Professor at University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (after a Post-Doc atMcGill University, Canada)  
Serena IvaldiSenior Researcher CR1 (tenured), INRIA Nancy Grand-Est, France  
Takayuki OsaAssociate Professor at Kyushu Institute for Technology, Japan 
Alexandros ParaschosVolkswagen Group AI Research, Munich, Germany  
Guilherme MaedaResearch Scientist at ATR, Japan  
 Julia VinogradskaBosch Center for Artificial Intelligence at Renningen, Germany  
Simon ManschitzSenior Research Scientist at Honda Research Institute, Germany  
Veronika WeberSecretary, retired  
Filipe VeigaPost-Doc at MIT  
Rudolf LioutikovAssistant Professor of Practice at University of Texas at Austin  
Okan KocResearch Scientist at Amazon at Tuebingen  
Gerhard NeumannFull Professor at Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie (KIT)  
Gregor GebhardtPostdoc with Prof. Tim Landgraf, HU Berlin  
Hong Linh ThaiTragically passed away  
Marco EwertonIdiap Research Institute  
Simone ParisiFacebook and CMU, Pittsburgh, PA, USA  


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