Puze Liu

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Research Interests

Robotics, Reinforcement Learning, Inverse Reinforcement Learning, Human Robot Collaboration

Contact Information

Mail. TU Darmstadt, FB-Informatik, FG-IAS, Hochschulstr. 10, 64289 Darmstadt
Office. Room E226, Building S2|02

Puze joined the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group in Aug 2019 as a Ph.D. student. His research interests include robotics, reinforcement learning, inverse reinforcement learning, and human-robot collaboration. Puze is looking for new approaches for robots to learn collaborative tasks that enable robots assisting humans in different scenarios.

Before starting his Ph.D., Puze completed his Master's degree in Computational Engineering Science at the Technische Universitaet Berlin. During his study, Puze's previous work focusing on robot fundamental algorithms and safety problems during human-robot interaction. His master thesis "Industrial Robot Motion Control depending on the Distance between Human and Robot" was under the supervision of Prof. Dr-Ing. Jörg Krüger and Martin J. Rosenstrauch.

Research Interest

Robotics, Reinforcement Learning, Inverse Reinforcement Learning, Human-Robot Collaboration.


Integrated Projects (co-supervised with Davide Tateo), Robot Air-Hockey, Patrick Lutz (2019)


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