Nico Bohlinger

Nico Bohlinger joined the Intelligent Autonomous System lab on July 15, 2023, as a PhD student. He is working on robot locomotion and active perception by applying Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) and Machine Learning in general. His main robot platforms are currently the Unitree A1 and the MAB Honey Badger quadrupeds.

Nico holds a bachelor's degree in Business Informatics from the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences and a master's degree in Bioinformatics from the Goethe University Frankfurt.
He was previously part of the RoboCup teams Magma and Sweaty in Offenburg and developed DRL environments to learn complex soccer skills. Here is a recent interview with him in German.
Furthermore, he is developing the research-focused DRL framework RL-X.

Recent Publications

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    Bohlinger, N.; Dorer, K. (2023). RL-X: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Library (not only) for RoboCup, RoboCup 2023: Robot World Cup XXVI, Springer-Verlag.
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    Bohlinger, N. (2023). Intrinsically Motivated Agents for Goal Discovery in High Dimensional State Spaces, Master Thesis.
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    Bohlinger, N.; Braun, H.; Dorer, K.; Ehlers, L.; Huber, D.; Huber, H.; Glaser, S.; Schillings, R.; Scholz, J.; Wolffram, M. (2022). The magmaOffenburg 2022 RoboCup 3D Simulation Team.