Théo Vincent

Research Interests

(Deep) Reinforcement Learning, Autonomous farming


1. TU Darmstadt, Intelligent Autonomous Systems, Computer Science Department
2. German Research Center for AI (DFKI), Research Department: SAIROL


TU Darmstadt, FG IAS,
Hochschulstr. 10, 64289 Darmstadt
Office. Room E226, Building S2|02 [main]

Théo Vincent joined the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group as a Ph.D. student in December 2022. He is currently working on value-based methods in offline settings. He is part of the group SAIROL, a DFKI unit, and works under the supervision of Boris Belousov and Jan Peters.

During his studies, Théo focused on Deep Learning, (3D) Computer Vision and Reinforcement Learning. He graduated from MVA, a double master's degree program in collaboration with ENS ParisSaclay and Ponts ParisTech. He did his master's thesis at IAS on value-based methods in offline settings supersived by Carlo D’Eramo.


  • Msc, Fabian Wahren (with Boris Belousov); Adapt your network: Investigating neural network’s architecture in Q-learning methods.


Statistical Machine Learning (Summer - 2023)



Before his Ph.D., Théo worked in a Parisian lab called Saint-Venant lab, supervised by Rémi Carmigniani to track professional swimmers on video clips using Deep Learning. He then joined Signality, a Swedish start-up led by Mikael Rousson, to investigate the problem of finding a homography linking a football pitch to a camera. He also worked in the group of Chirag Patel at Harvard Medical School to understand how our organs are aging.