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Journal Impact

I am maintaining a graph of the ups' and downs of impact of journals that are relevant for Machine Learning and for Robotics (Note: omitting specialty journals such as Humanoids, JFR, TASE, ROBOT CIM-INT MANUF, etc as it would be comparing apples with oranges). If you think a major journal is missing, then please drop me a line. Note that in 2011 the impact of robotics as a field was 1.056, which means that Robotics and Autonomous Systems is a truly average journal. IJRR and TRo are exceptional...

All scores are directly taken from the respective publishers websites of the respective journals.

Here are the same plots for machine learning. Note that in 2011 the impact of artificial intelligence as as a field was 1.213, which means that most machine learning journals are above average AI journals but only few are exceptional...

Somewhat bizarre are the results from Google Scholar on Robotics and Machine Learning/AI as the H-Index is not a good measure for journals.

Finally, this is a quick tool for knowing copyright policies of various journals (to know which allows self-archiving). A similar list can also be found on Wikipedia.


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