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Reference TypeConference Proceedings
Author(s) S. Kohlbrecher, F. Kunz, D. Koert, C. Rose, P. Manns, K. Daun, J. Schubert, A. Stumpf, O. von Stryk
TitleTowards Highly Reliable Autonomy for Urban Search and Rescue Robots
Journal/Conference/Book TitleRobot Soccer World Cup
AbstractParticipating in the RoboCup Rescue Real Robot League competition for approximately 5 years, the members of Team Hector Darmstadt have always focused on robot autonomy for Urban Search and Rescue (USAR). In 2014, the team won the RoboCup RRL competition. This marked the first time a team with a strong focus on autonomy won the championship. This paper describes both the underlying research and open source developoments that made this success possible as well as ongoing work focussed on increasing rescue robot performance.
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
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