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Reference TypeConference Proceedings
Author(s)Pieczona, S. J.; Muratore, F.; Zäh, M. F.
TitleAn Approach for Modelling the Structural Dynamics of a Mechanical System based on a Takagi-Sugeno Representation
Journal/Conference/Book TitleInternational Conference on Competitive Manufacturing (COMA)
KeywordsTakagi-Sugeno fuzzy system, computational intelligence, structural dynamics
AbstractIn order to design a controller or run a simulation, an appropriate mathematical model of an investigated system is necessary. Such a mathematical model is also utilized to describe the structural behavior of a mechanical system. Current methods to face the modelling challenges are limited to the description of predefined discrete points of a system. In order to model themechanical behavior of an arbitrary point along a surface line or within a surface area, we propose an adaption of continuous Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Systems (TSFS) for structural mechanical systems. Consequently, the structural dynamics of specific points are modelled in a modal state space representation and utilized as subsystems of the fuzzy system. This approach leads to nonlinear differential equations containing the dynamics of all analyzed points and their interpolation. Thus, a continuous approximation of the properties between the discrete subsystems is possible, thereby outlining the main novelty of this concept. The proposed representation provides the advantages of an TSFS and is also applicable to fields such as model based controller design. The accuracy and performance of our approach is verified by an experimental setup and measurements of the system behavior in the time domain.


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