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Reference TypeConference Proceedings
Author(s)Tateo, D.; Erdenlig, I. S.; Bonarini, A.
TitleGraph-Based Design of Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Agents
Journal/Conference/Book Title2019 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)
KeywordsReinforcement Learning, Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning, Policy Search
AbstractThere is an increasing interest in Reinforcement Learning to solve new and more challenging problems, as those emerging in robotics and unmanned autonomous vehicles. To face these complex systems, a hierarchical and multi-scale representation is crucial. This has brought the interest on Hierarchical Deep Reinforcement learning systems. Despite their successful application, Deep Reinforcement Learning systems suffer from a variety of drawbacks: they are data hungry, they lack of interpretability, and it is difficult to derive theoretical properties about their behavior. Classical Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning approaches, while not suffering from these drawbacks, are often suited for finite actions, and finite states, only. Furthermore, in most of the works, there is no systematic way to represent domain knowledge, which is often only embedded in the reward function. We present a novel Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning framework based on the hierarchical design approach typical of control theory. We developed our framework extending the block diagram representation of control systems to fit the needs of a Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning scenario, thus giving the possibility to integrate domain knowledge in an effective hierarchical architecture.
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