Relevant Coursework

In this section, you can find the coursework which I have completed which I think is relevant for my research, future teaching or of which I simply find interesting.

Dynamics and Control

1998Linear Control Theory 1Munich University of Technology
1999Linear Control Theory 2Munich University of Technology
1998State-Space Control Design 1Hagen University
1999State-Space Control Design 2Hagen University
1999Optimal Control TheoryMunich University of Technology
1999Learning Methods for ControlMunich University of Technology
1999Control Lab 1Munich University of Technology
2000Control Lab 2Munich University of Technology
2001Digital ControlNational University of Singapore
2001Multi-variable ControlNational University of Singapore
2004Nonlinear ControlUniversity of Southern California
2004Analytical DynamicsUniversity of Southern California
2005Nonlinear VibrationsUniversity of Southern California
2005Linear VibrationsUniversity of Southern California


1997Robot Soccer LabMunich University of Technology
1998Robot Maze Running Lab (aka Software Engineering)Munich University of Technology
1998Robotics 1Hagen University
1999Robotics 2Hagen University
1999Introduction to Intelligent RoboticsMunich University of Technology
1999Haptics and Telemanipulation Research LabMunich University of Technology
2004Analytical RoboticsUniversity of Southern California

Machine Learning and AI

1998AI SeminarHagen University
1999Introduction to AIHagen University
1999Problem Solving Techniques from AIHagen University
2000Neural NetworksHagen University
2000Knowledge-based SystemsHagen University
2001Machine VisionNational University of Singapore
2001Neural Computation with Artificial Neural NetworksUniversity of Southern California
2001Brain Theory and Artificial IntelligenceUniversity of Southern California
2001Reinforcement LearningUniversity of Southern California
2002Advanced AIUniversity of Southern California
2002Advanced Topics in Neural Computation and Statistical LearningUniversity of Southern California
2003Current Topics in Statistical LearningUniversity of Southern California

Other Computer Science Classes: Concepts of Imperative Programming, Theoretical Computer Science A and B, Data Structures, Databases, Computer Systems Architecture (twice at both Hagen and USC), Microcomputer Design, Real-Time Computing Class, Embedded Systems Lab, Real-Time Programming Lab, Software Engineering 1 and 2, Software Engineering for Real-Time Systems, Microcomputer Programming Lab, Parallel Algorithms, Computer Engineering Research Seminar, Computational Geometry, Mathematics for Computer Science 1-4, Computer Science Lab, Introduction to Computer Science 1+2.

Other EE Classes: Optomechatronical Instrumentation, Measurement Technology, Network Theory 1+2, Information Transmission Technology, Communication Networks, Electronic Circuit Elements, Electric Micromachines, Power Electronics, Microcontroller Programming, Research Seminar on System Integration for Electric Drives, Engineering Mechanics 1+2, Physics, Solid State Physics, Electrostatics, Electrodynamics, Signal Transformations and Representation, Electrical Power Technology, Basic Instrumentation, Circuit Theory and Design 1+2, Machine Element Design 1+2, Instrumentation Lab, General EE overview Lab, Advanced Engineering Mathematics 1-4.

Other ME Classes: Engineering Analysis, Engineering Analytical Methods

Other Classes: Applied Business Studies for Engineers, Management, Decision Theory, Investment Theory, Accounting, Cost Control, Just-In Time Production, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Mathematical Statistics.