Jacqueline Ritter

Research Interests

Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Robotics

Contact Information

Jacqueline Ritter

Jacqueline Ritter joined the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group at TU Darmstadt as a Ph.D. Student in July 2022. She is working on the topic of "Machine Learning for Motion Support by Intention Predictions" that is part of the LokoAssist project.

Previously, she studied at INSA Rennes and TU Dresden and obtained a bachelor's degree in Mathematics. For her master's degree in Medical Informatics Jacqueline studied at Uniwersytet Wrocławski and Universität zu Lübeck. She wrote her master's thesis "Autonomous catheter navigation with geometry adaption (using the example of aortic arches)" at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation.

Key References

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      • Karstensen, L.; Ritter, J.; Hatzl, J.; Pätz, T.; Langejürgen, J.; Uhl, C.; Mathis-Ullrich, F. (2022). Learning-Based Autonomous Vascular Guidewire Navigation without Human Demonstration in the Venous System of a Porcine Liver, International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery Download Article