Hardware Description

Position Sensors

  • in DoF 1-4 motor and joint side encoders
    5th DoF only motor encoder (seems to be some kind of a servo motor)
  • motor side encoders: relative, 20 kHz
  • joint side encoders: absolute, 10 kHz

Acceleration Sensors

2 dimensional
attached close to the 2nd and 3rd joint
in software: raw sensor readings


  • plasticity changes over time
  • is pre-tensioned
  • tendons can support 80 kg, are from some sport
  • tendons unlikely to rip, will more likely detach

Power Supply

  • delivered with 12V
  • can also run with 24V (more power, faster)
  • max 30V (may damage motors)


yellow: connected
blue: output activated

Emergency Switch

  • no hardware switch
  • support for one!
  • simply unplug or interrupt SL (CTL-c)


  • max 2,5 kg


  • joints 1-3: RE30, 24V (310007) Graphite Brushes, 60 Watt
  • joints 4: RE25, 24V (118752) Graphite Brushes, 20 Watt
  • joint 5: RE16, 24V (118705) Precious Metal Brushes, 3.2 Watt

When it breaks/Maintenance

  • hardware: Trommer
  • software: Kunz
  • warranty information in document (we got an electronic copy)

CAD Data:

  • Length & Masses in Document
  • Position CoG & Inertia matrices: not available, ask tetra


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