Open Source Software Recommendations

As a Mac OS X user, I have found that a lot of small open-source projects for OS X which are creating signifcantly better software than any big-mega mongo companies on any plattform. Some of these I intend to recommend here:

  • BibDesk is by far the best reference manager I have seen - much better than endnote and such comercial programs.
  • The LaTeX Equation editor is one of the nicest programs for creating equations for presentations that I have ever seen.
  • TeXShop is the place to go shopping for a really good editor for tex.
  • Aquamacs Emacs works great in an Aqua-based framework.

If you like to keep your DVD's around, I recommend DVD Backup and Handbrake. Furthermore, Poisoned is the best peer-to-peer file sharing program around.

Also small company software

Some small companies fill the gap in the open source. I personally like

which all are great. A couple of other programs such a Folder Icon X, Fast DVD Copy, etc.

From one of the big monster companies, i.e., Apple, I really like Mac OS X, Apple Mail, Safari, iTunes, iPhoto, Keynote and Pages.

Running Windows

If you need to run Windows, I recommend getting Virtual PC 7 and install Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6.