Getting started at IAS

First things do to

Get familiar with the infrastructure

GitAll our (and our students') code projects are saved in our git. Learn how to use our git by reading this? and this?.
SeafileYou can use Seafile to store large data. It is similar to Dropbox and we have photos of the robots shared with everyone. You can log in using your LDAP account.
basecampmeeting notes for Jan
Slackchatting and discussing, for communication with our students there is a students slack
hardware?All kinds of hardware, including PCs and robots.
further resources?Everything from printers to mailing lists

Good to know

IAS events
lab meetingWeekly meeting to discuss topics with the whole group, usually on Thursdays as specified in the calendar. Documented in the lab meeting notes?
Oberseminarusually on Thursdays after lunch
Retreatonce a year the whole group goes on a retreat, usually one week in the summer
Christmas partya day before Christmas, we invite all our students

Useful links

PhD info

Your duties during your PhD


  • Before travelling, you have to fill a Dienstreiseantrag
  • collect all receipts / bills etc such that afterwards, you can get your money back via reimbursement


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