How to hire Ph.D. students?

  1. General call to all research mailing lists (frequently useless).
  2. Ask your friends (frequently useless).
  3. Student accessible mailing lists:
Jobs Mailing Lists and Websites
Robotics World Wide and machine learning researchers
Science Jobs students looking out for a Ph.D.
UAI dealing with machine learning and uncertainty
DBWorld mailing list

Options to check:

How to hire Hiwis?

Attention! It is generally not simple to find good students, so you need to actively search for them. The first thing to do is to prepare a description of the task as a and put it our our jobs page. In addition you should post the description to the following forum and mailing lists.

Hiwi for correcting homeworks and exams

  • Ask Jan if you can hire a Hiwi for helping you with the correction. If many students enrolled, you may hire even two.
  • Ask Veronika about the budget and how many hours we can offer. Usually, the contract is for 20 hours per month.
  • Send Veronika an email with the name of the student, the number of hours he/she is supposed to work and his/her email. Ask her to directly contact the student when the contract is ready.
  • When the contract is ready, the student will pick it up and sign it.
  • Done!


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