The applicant is interviewed for "Project NO-USE". Please take this into account.  


Current Interviewer:
Role of the Current Interviewer:Pre-Screening (later: Final Interviews)
Assign Next Interviewer:(:memberlist researcher:)

Questions from Previous Interviewer

Question 1: (:question1:)
Question 2: (:question2:)
Question 3: (:question3:)

Issues to Check Off

General Impression:
How do you rate the applicant's technical knowledge?:
How informed was the guy about our group?
How do you rate the personal impression, soft skills, etc?
Please make sure to assign "peters" as the next reviewer if you feel that there are too many red flags.
Topics covered: Whatever topics...   
Feel free to pick up topics again even if previously covered by other group members. However, we should do every topic at least once. Note that the topic refers to your assessment of the issue but not the actual question.
Topic 1:
Topic 2:
Topic 3:
Topic 4:
Topic 5:
Others: Anything else which you want to share with us?
Confidential Comments to Jan only: Feeling awkward to share this with the group?

Your Questions to the Next Interviewer

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