If you read any of these journals or use any of these websites - or intend to, please check and submit. Otherwise, we will cancel the submission. If you think a journal should be subscribed to and it is missing, please fill in the name and we will go ahead with that as well.

IEEE Spectrum
IEEE Robotics and Automation
IEEE Trans. on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation
IEEE Computer science digital library online at http://www.computer.org/portal/site/csdl/
IEEE Trans on Digital Signal Processing
IEEE Intelligent Systems Magazine
IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
IEEE Trans. on Biomedical Engineering
IEEE Trans. on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
IEEE Trans on Robotics
IEEE Trans on Medical Imaging
IEEE Trans on Knowledge and Data Engineering
IEEE Trans on Automatic Control
IEEE Signal Processing Letters
Computer Magazine
IEEE CI Magazine, Trans Ev. Comp., Trans. Fuzzy Logic, Trans Neural Networks
IEEE Information Society Newsletter and Transactions
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine
Proceedings of the IEEE
IEEE Control Systems Society Membership
IEEE Trans on Image Processing
IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine


Missing Journals:

Please note that all IEEE Conferences & Journals are available online and papers can be requested through Jan Peters. Any paper available through:

IEEExplore http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/Xplore/
USC Content Connectionhttp://zb5lh7ed7a.search.serialssolutions.com/?SS_Page=refiner&SS_RefinerEditable=yes
USC Medical Journalshttp://www.usc.edu/e_resources/hsl/lists/journal_A.php
USC eJournalshttp://zb5lh7ed7a.search.serialssolutions.com/?V=1.0&N=100&L=ZB5LH7ED7A&S=A_T_B&C=neural+networks

can be request by email from Jan Peters.


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