Please make sure:

  • IEEE RA-L with IROS/ICRA track papers actually become two publications if accepted at both venues. I suggest that we do list successful RAL & I[C]R[A | OS] papers as, e.g., (titlesearch A Comparison of Autoregressive Hidden Markov Models for Multi-Modal Manipulations with Variable Masses:) to make clear that we “got both.” Given that only 1/3 papers so far got both (soon 2/4 as I think Alex will get both)
  • Conference papers are never just accepted but always have a year, e.g., 20xx. Journal papers can actually be submitted, accepted or in press, so that can be in place of the year.
  • When you submit a journal paper, also put it on Arxiv at the time of submission. That way people can start citing the

paper without further delay. Don’t do that for conference papers of any kind — including RA-L & IROS/ICRA track.


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