How to use the Oncilla robot

Quick start

  • Boot the computer using the real-time kernel 'rt18-custom'
  • Switch on the power supply: 12.8-13.1V, 30Amps
  • Press the red button on the Oncilla PowerBoard (The onboard linux will boot now)
  • Press the black buttons to activate the motor boards
  • Connect to the Oncilla onboard computer: ssh oncilla@ (the password is graz)
  • Run the server program sudo ./ (the password is graz)
  • Start MATLAB and run your client program

Git repository


Where to save your Matlab Client applications

  • in your local home folder.
  • In the git repository there are several example programs to test (MatlabClients/Examples)

Where to save large data files

  • /localShare/OncillaData

Example Matlab Client

javaaddpath([pwd filesep 'OncillaClientPkg.jar']);
import at.tugraz.igi.oncilla.*;
client = OncillaClient();
tmp = client.getPosDeg();
%[30.0 0.5 30.0 0.5 30.0 0.5 30.0 0.5 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0]);
tmp2 = client.getPosDeg();

Matlab Java Socket Interface

  • to compile run javac -d .
  • to gen. a jar package run jar cf OncillaClientPkg.jar ./at/tugraz/igi/oncilla/OncillaClient.class ./at/tugraz/igi/oncilla/OncillaClient\$Commands.class

Using NetBeans

low-level testing

  • for motor calibration: /home/oncilla/devel/oncilla-motor-calibrator/src (Raw data)
  • config file in devel/OncillaServer/dist/Release/GNU-Linux-x86/