IAS Retreat 2017 at Kleinwalsertal

When?Sunday, July 23rd -- Friday, July 28th
Where?Darmstädter Haus Google Maps


All participants are asked to contribute to the program of our retreat. You can find a document to collect ideas here

The program will be a mixture of organizational meetings, workshops that focus research on a meta level and recreational/team building activities.

Quick facts about the Darmstädter Haus


  • Single-bed, twin, and four-bed rooms
  • Linen and towels provided

Leisure stuff:

  • a small selection of board games (bring your favorite along!)
  • table tennis
  • tabletop football
  • darts
  • big lawn with deck chairs and space for playing football

Hiking Gear

If you want to join the hiking activities, please make sure to bring at least the following gear:

  • proper boots
  • rain jacket
  • first-aid kit
  • backpack for daytours
  • refillable water bottle (you can fill it at the huts and also if we pass by small rivers in the mountains)

The Kleinwalsertal is in a high alpine region, hiking there is not like going for a walk in the Black Forrest. The routes we want to hike include narrow and uneven trails right at the brink of steep slopes. Even in July there can still be snow fields (we had that last year in June). So bringing proper boots is a MUST for joining the hikes. Also weather can change quickly from blue sky to rain showers in just a couple of minutes, thus waterproof clothing is highly recommended.

In addition we suggest you to bring the following:

  • lunch box (for preparing the lunch pack and to reduce the waste)
  • sun glasses and sun screen (we are around 2000m during the hikes, there are no trees and the sun is much more intense up there)


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