Add or Edit Publications

Please either scp the publication into "/var/www/pmwiki/uploads/Publications" on Einstein or use "Attach" to add it to your web page in the Wiki (do not use attach on this web page since google scholar indexing does not find the file then). External links often get broken. Enter it in the Link to PDF field. /var/www/pmwiki/uploads/Publications/X.pdf becomes

When to reference and what to do?

  • Please ALWAYS add at least the reference of your papers to immediately after acceptance notification and, once the finalization, also

add the PDF.

  • It makes sense to also add journal papers as “submitted” (i.e., put just “submitted” in the field for the year, do not put the year) and to reference their arxiv version upon submission (that’s what arxiv

was for - not for breaking double blind review at conferences).

  • When a journal paper has been accepted, please use “accepted” instead of submitted (i.e., put “accepted” in the field year). After sending the final version to the journal chance “accepted” to “in press”. Once you have been sent the volume number and page numbers, add these and change “in press” in the field year to the actual year.
  • When a conference paper, either put “submitted” in the field year (if it is under review and not a double blind conference and you do want to alert the world to your paper) or don't upload it, but after acceptance change “submitted” in the field year to the actual year as for conferences, we always know in what year they take place.
  • There is NO "under submission", "in submission" or "in review" as these are wrong grammar!
  • When you get the conference presentation option at R-AL, please always list both venues, e.g., by IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, and IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS).

Technical Note:

  • [Bachelor | Master | PhD Thesis]: For a new bachelor's thesis, please make sure to add "Bachelor Thesis" into "Journal/Conference/Book Title" and "Bachelor Thesis, IAS" into "Notes". Replace "Bachelor" by "Master" or "PhD" for such theses.
  • [IAS-PUB] For a IAS publications, please make sure to add "ias-pub" into the "Notes" section.
  • [JAN] For Jans publications, please make sure to add "jan" into the "Notes" section.
  • Multiple tags are separated by a comma.

Make sure to use Neumann, G.; Calandra, R.; Bush, G.H.W.; Peters, J. and not any other name format!


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