1.12.202316:00-18:00Vignesh Prasad, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Learning Human-Robot Interaction: A Case Study on Human-Robot Handshaking
24.11.202314:00-14:30Niklas Kappes, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Natural Gradient Optimistic Actor Critic
10.11.202314:00-15:00Vignesh Prasad, Research Talk: Learning Human-Robot Interaction: A Case Study on Human-Robot Handshaking
7.11.202315:00-18:00Pascal Klink, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Reinforcement Learning Curricula as Paths between Task
6.11.202314:00-15:00Koh Hosoda (Kyoto Univ), Invited Talk: Adaptive Locomotion of Robots and HumansAlexander str. 10, room 29
3.11.202314:30-15:00Mahdi Kallel, Research Talk: Augmented Bayesian Policy SearchS2|02 E202 or
3.11.202314:00-14:25Simon Eisenmann (TUM), Invited Talk: Quantum Machine Learning
3.11.202313:00-13:30Simone Schaub-Meyer, Research Talk: Efficient and Understandable Neural Networks for Visual PerceptionB002 and SdlY5Z001RWVTbEcxYWlnZz09
27.10.202315:45-16:15Hannes Mittwollen, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Detection and 6D-pose estimation of objects with sparse training data
27.10.202315:00-15:45Antoine Grosnit, Research Talk: Bayesian optimization and morphology-based policy training: when good priors lead to sample efficiency.
27.10.202314:00-15:00Guillaume Duret, Research Talk: Large-Scale Dataset and Benchmark Generation for Robotics
23.10.202316:00-19:00Andreas Look, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Deterministic Approximations for Deep State-Space Models
20.10.202314:00-15:00Saumya Saxena (CMU), Invited Talk: Learning generalizable robot skills for reactive control of dynamic and interactive tasksE202 and
19.10.202314:00-14:30Lucas Schulze, Applicant Talk: Model predictive control application for mobile robotics
19.10.202313:30-14:00Maximilian Langer, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Energy-based Models for 6 D Object Pose Estimation
18.10.202317:00-20:00Hamish Flynn, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: PAC-Bayes Bounds for Bandits: Algorithms and GuaranteesS1|03 Hochschulstr. 1 Room 07 and
18.10.202315:20-17:00CCSC - Eli Brenner
13.10.202314:45-15:15Johannes Heeg, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Task Space Exploration in Robot Reinforcement Learning
13.10.202314:00-14:45Firas Al-Hafez, Research Talk: Challenges and Frontiers in Learning Natural Locomotion
6.10.202315:15-15:30IP final presentation: Autonomous Basil Harvesting
6.10.202315:00-15:15IP final presentation: Latent Tactile Representations for Model Based RL
6.10.202314:00-15:00Pascal Klink, Research Talk: Reinforcement Learning Curricula as Interpolations between Task DistributionsE202
29.09.202314:30-15:00Ruiyong Pi, M. Sc. Thesis Defence: Bluetooth Low Energy Localization for the Social Robot Zenbo
29.09.202314:00-14:30Alper Gece, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Leveraging Structured-Graph Correspondence in Imitation LearningS2|02 E202 or
8.09.202314:00-14:15Christian Hammacher, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Object Pose Estimation and Manipulation from Pointclouds using Energy-based Models
25.08.202315:15-15:30Ruiyong Pi, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Bluetooth Low Energy Localisation for the Social Robot Zenbo
25.08.202314:45-15:15Rolf Gattung, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Active Neural Understanding of a Scene for RoboticsE202 and
25.08.202314:00-14:45Niklas Funk, Research Talk: Tactile Feedback in Closed-Loop Control
24.08.202314:00-15:00Krzysztof Walas (PUT), Invited Talk: Learning Terrain Representation for Legged Robot LocalizationE202
24.08.202313:30-14:00Piotr Kicki (PUT), Invited Talk: Machine learning-based models of deformable linear objects for robotic manipulationE202
4.08.202314:45-15:00Sebastian Müller, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Visual illusions in sensorimotor control – a reinforcement learning study
4.08.202314:00-14:45Boris Belousov, Research Talk: Divergence, Inference, Exploration
28.07.202314:30-15:00Fabio Hilt, M.Sc. Thesis Defence: Statistical Model-based Reinforcement Learning
28.07.202314:00-14:30Mario Gomez, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Towards Dynamic Robot Juggling: Adaptive Planning for Sideswap Patterns
21.07.202314:00-14:45Snehal Jauhri, Research Talk: Coupling Perception, Mobility & Manipulation: A challenge & opportunity for Robot Learning
20.07.202315:00-16:00Sriraam Natarajan (UT Dallas), Invited Talk: Neurosymbolic learning via Integration of (Relational) Planning and (Deep) RLMornewegstraße 30 and
19.07.202311:00-12:30Kenji Doya (OIST), Invited Talk: Neural Circuits for Reinforcement Learning and Mental SimulationBuilding S1|15 Room 133
14.07.202314:00-14:30Maximilian Langer, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Energy-based Models for 6D Pose Estimation
13.07.202317:00-18:00Michael Wibral (Uni Goettingen), Invited Talk: Information theory for the age of neural networksSchnittspahnstr. 3 (Campus Botanischer Garten) B1/01 Bio/Systems Neurophysiology
7.07.202314:30-15:15Junning Huang, Research Talk: Robust Feedback Linearization for Tracking Control of Robot Manipulators
7.07.202314:00-14:30Jihao Andreas Lin (University of Cambridge), Invited Talk: Sampling from Gaussian Process Posteriors using Stochastic Gradient DescentE202
6.07.202310:00-11:00Wil Schilders (TU Eindhoven), Invited Talk: Mathematics - key enabling technology for scientific machine learningS217/103 (Schlossgartenstr. 8) and 2619539856, Meeting-ID: 261 953 9856
30.06.202314:30-15:00Julen Urain, Research Talk: Robot Motion Generative Models
30.06.202314:00-14:30Maximilian Tölle, Research Talk: A Survey of Language-based Task Representations for Robotic Control
28.06.202316:00-17:00Katerina Fragkiadaki (CMU), Invited Talk: 3D and energy-based inductive biases for robot manipulation
23.06.202314:30-15:00An Le, Research Talk: On The Optimal Transport In Robot Motion Planning
23.06.202314:00-14:30Theo Vincent, Research Talk: Rethinking Approximate Value Iteration algorithms
21.06.202314:10-15:10Danny Driess (Google DeepMind, TU Berlin), Invited Talk: PaLM-E: An Embodied Multimodal Language Model
19.06.202314:00-15:00Tan Chen (Michigan Tech), Invited Talk: Control, Robustness, and Contact-Based Mechanics in Biped Locomotion
16.06.202315:00-15:30Rukang Xu, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Improving Markerless HandTracking usingSoftware-Synchronized Visual-Inertial Odometry
16.06.202314:00-15:00Pierre Schumacher (IMPRS-IS), Invited Talk: Reinforcement Learning with and for Musculoskeletal Systems
15.06.202310:00-11:00Zhiyuan Gao, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Hierarchical Contextualization of Movement PrimitivesE202
14.06.202318:00-19:00Shuran Song (Columbia University), Invited Talk: Learning Meets Gravity: Robots that Embrace Dynamics from PixelsZoom through:
12.06.202314:00-15:00Krishan Rana (QUT), Invited Talk: Scaling Robot LearningC120 (limited capacity) and via Zoom
9.06.202315:45-16:15Leon Keller, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Context-Dependent Variable Impedance Controllers With Stability Guarantees
9.06.202315:15-15:45Rickmer Krohn, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Multisensory Reinforcement Learning for Contact-rich Robotic Manipulation
9.06.202314:45-15:15Johannes Heeg, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Maximum Entropy Task Space Exploration
9.06.202314:00-14:45Aditya Bhatt, Research Talk: Fast and cheap bio-inspired Feedback Controllers
2.06.202315:00-15:30Nico Bohlinger (Uni Frankfurt), Invited Talk: Reinforcement Learning in the RoboCup Simulation League and Intrinsic Goal-Conditioned Agents
19.05.202314:00-15:00Joe Watson, Research Talk: Coherent Imitation LearningE202 and
16.05.202313:30-14:30Moritz Moeller (U. Cam), Invited Talk: Biological learning in a dynamic, uncertain world - adapting to changing levels of noiseB002 (In-Person Only)
12.05.202314:00-14:30Pascal Herrmann, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: 6DCenterPose: Multi-object RGB-D 6D pose tracking with synthetic training data
5.05.202314:30-14:45Zeyuan Sun, MSc Thesis Defense: Self Expanding Neural Networks for Reinforcement Learning QlJLd1hmQT09
28.04.202314:00-14:30Melanie Jehn, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: NAS with GFlowNets
26.04.202316:00-17:00Gabriella Pizzuto (Liverpool University), Invited Talk: The Role of Intelligent Robotic Laboratory Assistants For Accelerating Material DiscoveryS3|11 0012 and Zk1EYkExa01BMlVMU2hPRjRUUT09
24.04.202315:00-16:00Nikhil Churamani (University of Cambridge), Invited Talk: Continual Learning for Affective RoboticsS1|03, Rm. 07 and
24.04.202310:15-11:00Jack Collins (Oxford), Invited Talk: Robot Planning and Manipulation for Small-Batch ManufacturingA102 and
21.04.202314:00-14:30Niklas Kappes, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Natural Gradient Optimistic Actor Critic
14.04.202314:00-14:30Tim Althaus, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Inverse Reinforcement Learning from Observation for Locomotion on the Unitree A1 Robot
12.04.202310:30-11:30Haitham Bou-Ammar (UCL and Huawei), Invited Talk: Bayesian Optimisation - From Foundations to Applications in IndustryA102 and
29.03.202318:00-19:00Markus Rohrbach (TUDa), Invited Talk: Reliable Multimodal Artificial Intelligence with passcode TalkMarcus
24.03.202314:30-15:00Zhiyuan Gao, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Hierarchical Contextualization of Movement Primitives for Safe HRI
24.03.202314:00-14:30Michael Drolet (ASU), Invited Talk: "Learning and Blending Robot Hugging Behaviors in Time and Space"
17.03.202314:45-15:15Fabio Hilt, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Statistical Model Based Reinforcement Learning
17.03.202314:15-14:45Alina Böhm, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Active Exploration For Tactile Fabric Classification
17.03.202314:00-14:15Florian Wolf, I.P. Conclusion: Pendulum Acrobatics
3.03.202314:00-14:30Leon Keller, Research Talk: T.B.A.
24.02.202315:00-16:00Davide Tateo, Research Talk: Robot Learning - Acting Under Safety ConstraintsE202
24.02.202314:30-15:00Julien Brosseit, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: The Principle of Value Equivalence for Policy Gradient Search
17.02.202315:00-15:45Gabriele Tiboni (PoliTo), Invited Talk: Adaptive Domain Randomization for Sim-to-Real TransferB002 S2|2
17.02.202314:00-15:00Prof. Frank Wood University of British Columbia Title: Fun with Foundation Models and Amortized InferenceDate & Time: Friday, February 17, 2023, 14:00 Location: S2|02 (Robert Piloty building, Hochschulstr. 10, Darmstadt) Room C110 Zoom link: L1VoQT09
14.02.202317:00-18:00CCPS Seminar: Jonathan Casas, Switched Adaptive Control for FES-Powered Rehabilitation MachinesS3|10 406A + Zoom: ZXQyZk1EYkExa01BMlVMU2hPRjRUUT09
8.02.202317:00-18:00Venkatraman Renganathan (Lund U), Invited Talk: Risk Allocation for Motion Planning Under Uncertainty QWkFmd3R4UT09
3.02.202315:00-15:30Bane Janjus, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Genetic Programming For Interpretable Reinforcement Learning
3.02.202314:30-15:00Chao Ni (ETHZ), Invited Talk: Towards Perceptive Lifelong Learning
3.02.202314:00-14:30Ehsan Kouchaki Varnosfaderani (IUT), Invited Talk: Balance Control of Humanoid Robots
27.01.202315:15-15:45Erik Prescher, B.Sc. Visual Hierarchical Recognition And Segmentation Of Interactions
27.01.202314:30-15:15Ali Forootani (MPI), Invited Talk: Stochastic Dynamic Programming for Sequential Decision Making Problems
27.01.202314:00-14:30Melih Özcan (METU), Invited Talk: Towards Learning Agile Locomotion and Manipulation
23.01.202317:00-18:00Grace Li Zhang, Research Talk: Robustness Enhancement of Analog In -Memory Computing for Neural NetworksS3|10 406/406A and
20.01.202314:30-15:00Berk Güler (KU), Invited Talk: Deep Reinforcement Learning to Optimize Task Performance in Physical Human-Robot Co-Manipulation
20.01.202314:00-14:30Mark Baierl, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Score-Based Generative Models as Trajectory Priors for Motion Planning
13.01.202314:45-15:15Pascal Stenger, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Advanced Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Planning
13.01.202314:30-14:45Melanie Jehn, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: NAS with GFlowNets
13.01.202314:00-14:30Jascha Hellwig, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Reinforcement Learning in Stable Vector Fields
21.12.202211:00-11:30Paul-Otto Müller, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Learning Interpretable Representations for Visuotactile Sensors
16.12.202214:00-14:30Sebastian Szelag, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Assembly
13.12.202213:00-15:30Alexander Cowen-Rivers, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Pushing The Limits of Sample-Efficient Optimisation
9.12.202216:00-16:30Ruidi He, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Path Consistency Learning for Autonomous Car Driving
9.12.202215:00-16:00Hosein Hasanbeig (Oxford), Invited Talk: Safe and Certified Reinforcement Learning with Logical Constraints
9.12.202214:30-15:00Xiangyu Xu, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Visuotactile Grasping From Human Demonstrations
9.12.202214:00-14:30Jonathan Kinzel, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Modelling and Control of a Spherical Pendulum on a 4-DOF Barret WAM
2.12.202214:30-15:00Samuel Lokadjaja, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Hierarchical Exploration for Variational Inference
2.12.202214:00-14:30Maximilian Niessing, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Attention-based objects pose detection in cluttered scenes
28.11.202213:00-14:00Radhe Shyam (IIT Mandi), Invited Talk: Smart Control Strategies for Autonomous Navigation of Mobile RobotsB002 and
18.11.202214:45-15:15Mohammad Atashak, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Will it blend? Learning to Coexecute Subskills
18.11.202214:00-14:45Andreas Look, Research Talk: Deep Bayesian State Space ModelsB002 and
11.11.202214:00-14:30Théo Vincent, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Paramaterized projected Bellman operator
4.11.202214:00-15:00Siwei Ju, Research Talk: Imitating and outperforming professional race driversE202 and
2.11.202218:00-19:00Zoom meeting invitation - Zoom Meeting von Christof-Matthias Neubrand Cdm01SjhPQT09
2.11.202218:00-19:00Sriraam Natarajan (UT Dallas), Invited Talk: Human-allied sequential decision-makingMornewegstraße 30 and
28.10.202214:45-15:10Louis Sterker, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Social Interaction Segmentation and Learning using Hidden semi-Markov Models
28.10.202214:00-14:45Yunlong Song (UZH and ETHZ), Invited Talk: Reinforcement Learning for Agile Drone FlightB002 and
21.10.202215:00-15:20Daniel Musekamp, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Amortized Variational Inference using GMMs for Inverse Kinematics
21.10.202214:00-15:00Dieter Buechler (MPIIS), Invited Talk: New developments at Learning Muscular RobotsB002 and
19.10.202213:00-14:003AI Lecture "Who I am" by Carlo D'Eramo: Multi-Task and Curriculum Reinforcement Learning
17.10.202212:00-13:00Paul Jansonnie, Research Talk: Skill Discovery through Task Generation for Robotic ManipulationE202
14.10.202215:05-15:20Xiangyu Xu, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Visuotactile Grasping From Human Demonstrations
14.10.202214:45-15:15Shanding Gu, Research Talk: Safe Reinforcement Learning for Multi- Robot Control
14.10.202214:20-14:40Pascal Stenger, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Advanced Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Planning
14.10.202214:00-14:20Pascal Herrmann, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: 6D Pose Estimation and Tracking for Ubongo 3D
13.10.202211:00-12:00Takayuki Osa (University of Tokyo), Invited Talk: Objective function with multiple extrema in robot learningB002 and
7.10.202215:00-15:30Daljeet Nandha, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Leveraging Large Language Models For Autonomous Task Planning
7.10.202214:30-15:00Georgia Chalvatzaki, Research Talk: Shaping Robotic Assistance through Structured Robot LearningS202|E202
7.10.202214:15-14:30Paul-Otto Müller, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Learning Interpretable Representations for Visuotactile Sensors
7.10.202214:00-14:15Mark Baierl, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Score-Based Imitation Learning
30.09.202214:30-15:30Paul Jansonnie, Research Talk: Skill Discovery through Task Generation for Robotic Manipulation
30.09.202214:00-14:20Jascha Hellwig, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Reinforcement Learning in Stable Vector Fields
26.09.202215:00-17:00Philip Becker-Ehmck, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Latent State-Space Models for Control
23.09.202213:30-15:00Masashi Sugiyama (RIKEN), Invited Talk: Recent advances in robust machine learningS208/171 Uhrenturmhörsaal
22.09.202217:30-19:30Tuan Dam, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Sample Efficient Monte Carlo Tree Search for Robotics
1.09.202211:00-12:00Hermann Blum (ETH Zurich), Invited Talk: Self-improving robotic scene understandingS02 | 02 E202 or
26.08.202214:15-14:35Julien Brosseit, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Policy Optimization with Learning and Planning
26.08.202214:00-14:15Sebastian Szelag, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Assembly
12.08.202214:15-14:30Benedikt Hahner, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Sim2GP: Bayesian Dynamics Models via Differentiable Physics
12.08.202214:00-14:20Théo Vincent, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Projected Bellman Operator
10.08.202214:00-15:00Felix Petersen TalkMornewegstraße 28, 64293 Darmstadt, hessian.AI, Room 3.1.01
5.08.202214:00-14:30Daljeet Nandha, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Leveraging Large Language Models For Autonomous Task Planning
29.07.202215:00-15:45Joe Watson, Research Talk: Monte Carlo Posterior Policy Iteration with Gaussian Processes
29.07.202214:20-14:50Wenhua Bao, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Learning a Decision Module in Frenet Space by Imitating Control Commands
29.07.202214:00-14:20Ruidi He, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Path Consistency Learning for Autonomous Car Driving
27.07.202213:00-14:003AI Lecture Series "Who I am" _ Invitation to Jannis Brugger's talk 4azVGdHRzQT09
22.07.202214:45-15:15Kuo Zhang, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Learning Geometric Constraints for Safe Robot Interaction
22.07.202214:00-14:45Niklas Funk, Research Talk: Robot Assembly Discovery
18.07.202217:00-19:00Boris Belousov, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: On Optimal Behavior under Uncertainty in Humans and Robots
15.07.202214:20-14:50Oliver Järnefelt, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Sparsely Collaborative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
15.07.202214:00-14:20Darya Nikitina, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Inference Methods for Markov Decision Processes
13.07.202213:00-14:003AI Lecture Series "Who I am" _ Invitation to the first Lecture "RL , Transformers in RL" MUzJvTExJQT09
8.07.202214:00-14:30Maximilian Tölle, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Curriculum Adversarial Reinforcement Learning
7.07.202217:00-18:00Pete Florence (Google Research), Invited Talk: Robotics at Google
6.07.202213:30-15:10Johannes Betz (U.Penn), Invited Talk: Autonomous Vehicles on the Edge - Learning to drive fast and accurate at the vehicle dynamics limitsUhrturmhörsaal S2|08/171
1.07.202214:30-15:00Piotr Kicki (Poznan University of Technology), Invited Talk: Learning for Motion PlanningS02|02 E202
1.07.202214:00-14:30Vilja Lott, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Detecting an Intention for Interaction in a Human-Robot Environment
28.06.20228:30-9:00Nathalie Woortman, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Comparing and Personalizing Human Following Behaviors for Mobile Ground Robots
23.06.202214:00-15:00Andreas Look, Research Talk: Cheap and Accurate Traffic Forecasting with Neural SDEs
22.06.202216:00-17:00Hamish Flynn, Research Talk: An experimental comparison of PAC-Bayes bounds for contextual bandits
17.06.202214:00-14:30Simon Kiefhaber, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Leveraging Energy-Based Models for Multi-Object 6D Pose Estimation
3.06.202214:30-15:00Amos Newswanger, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Indoor Visual Navigation on Micro-Aerial Drones without External Infrastructure
3.06.202214:00-14:30Simon Kohaut, Honor's Thesis Defense: Efficient Density Estimation for the Correlated Dirichlet Distribution
30.05.202214:00-15:00C. Shawn Green (U. Wisconsin Madison), Invited Talk: Every task is a learning task (and should be treated as such)Raum S306/146
27.05.202211:40-13:40Jack Dongarra (University of Tennessee), Invited Talk: A Not So Simple Matter of SoftwareMaschinenhaus S1|05 Room 122, Magdalenenstr. 12, 64289 Darmstadt
20.05.202215:00-15:15Fabian Damken, Honor Thesis Defense: Random Fourier Series Features
20.05.202214:30-15:00Jan Schneider, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Model Predictive Policy Optimization amidst Inaccurate Models
20.05.202214:00-14:30Felix Kaiser, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Multi-Object Pose Estimation for Robotic Applications in Cluttered Scenes
16.05.202217:00-18:00Thomas Beckers (University of Pennsylvania), Invited Talk: Safe Learning-based Control for Mechanical SystemsS3|10 406/406A /
13.05.202214:00-14:30Daniel Musekamp, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Amortized VIPS
6.05.202214:00-15:00Guillaume Duret, Research Talk: Generating a Synthetic Dataset for Fruits
29.04.202214:30-15:00Simon Kohaut, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Hybrid Probabilistic Logic Programming for Mission Design in Multimodal Mobility
29.04.202214:00-14:30Filip Bjelonic, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Learning-based design and control for soft quadrupedal robots
22.04.202215:30-16:00Jonas Günster, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Learning the Low-level Policy for Robot Air Hockey
22.04.202215:00-15:30Marek Daniv, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Graph-Based Model Predictive Visual Imitation Learning
22.04.202214:00-15:00Tim Welschehold (Uni Freiburg), Invited Talk: Learning Navigation for Arbitrary Mobile Manipulation Motions in Unseen and Dynamic Environments
8.04.202215:00-15:30Leon Magnus, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Real-Time Object Tracking For Assembly
8.04.202214:30-15:00Heiko Carrasco, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Particle-Based Adaptive Sampling for Curriculum Learning
8.04.202214:00-14:30Maximilian Tölle, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Curriculum Adversarial Reinforcement Learning
28.03.202213:30-14:30Luca Lach (PAL), Invited Talk: NeuTouch - Improving Mobile Manipulation Performance using Tactile Sensors (date fixed, time tentative)S202/C205
25.03.202215:00-15:30Moritz Meser, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Multi-Instance Pose Estimation for Robot Mikado
25.03.202214:30-15:00Svenja Menzenbach, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Leveraging Learned Graph-based Heuristics for efficiently solving the Combinatorics of Assembly
25.03.202214:00-14:30Max Siebenborn, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Evaluating Decision Transformer Architecture on Robot Learning Tasks
18.03.202214:00-14:30Yannik Frisch, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Analysis of Self-supervised Keypoint Detection Methods for Robot Learning
11.03.202214:30-15:00Verena Sieburger, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Development of a BaselineAgent in Robot Air Hockey
11.03.202214:00-14:30Chen Xue, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Task Classification and Local Manipulation Controllers
4.03.202214:00-14:30Zhicheng Yang, M. Sc. Final Presentation: Exploring Gripping Behaviours for Human-Robot Handshaking
25.02.202215:00-15:15Simon Kiefhaber, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Leveraging Energy-Based Models for Multi-Object 6D Pose Estimation
25.02.202214:00-15:00Rupert Mitchell (AIML), Invited Talk: Growing Neural Networks using Natural Gradients
18.02.202214:00-14:30Heiko Carrasco, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Optimal Sampling for Self-Paced Reinforcement Learning
11.02.202217:00-18:00Byron Boots (University of Washington), Invited Talk: Machine Learning and Model Predictive Control for Adaptive Robotic Systems
4.02.202215:00-15:30Felix Kaiser, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Multi-Object Pose Estimation for Robotic Applications in Cluttered Scenes
28.01.202215:00-15:30Yifei Wang, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Learning with Composable Energy Policies
28.01.202214:30-15:00Filip Bjelonic, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Learning-based design and control for soft quadrupedal robots
21.01.202215:00-15:30Nikita Rudin (NVIDIA and ETH Zurich), Invited Talk: Learning to Walk in Minutes Using Massively Parallel Deep Reinforcement Learning
21.01.202214:30-15:00Verena Sieburger, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Playing Robot Air Hockey
14.01.202216:00-16:30Lei Xu, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Integrated AI planning for general-purpose robot manipulation
14.01.202215:00-16:00Danny Driess (TU Berlin), Invited Talk: Learning for Long-Horizon Manipulation Planning
14.01.202214:30-15:00Jan Schneider, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Model Predictive Policy Optimization amidst Uncertain Models
7.01.202215:00-16:00Aldo Pacchiano (Microsoft Research NYC), Invited Talk: Towards an Understanding of Transfer Learning in Reinforcement Learning Domains
7.01.202214:00-14:15Pengfei Zhao, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Improving Gradient Directions for Episodic Policy Search
20.12.202111:00-11:30Tom Buchholz, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Variational Locally Projected Regression
17.12.202115:30-15:50Yannik Frisch, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Unsupervised patch -wise contrastive learning of keypoints for prediction and control
17.12.202115:00-15:30Jiawei Huang, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Multi-Objective Reactive Motion Planning in Mobile Manipulators
17.12.202114:00-15:00Weiming Zhi (University of Sydney), Invited Talk: Diffeomorphic learning for sampling-based motion planning, generalised imitation learning\ , and beyond
10.12.202114:00-15:00Thomas Schön (Uppsala University), Invited Talk: Deep Probabilistic Regression
3.12.202116:00-17:00Chengshu Li (Stanford University), Invited Talk: BEHAVIOR and iGibson 2.0 Benchmark for Everyday Household Activities in Virtual, Interactive, and Ecological Environments
26.11.202114:00-14:30Martina Gassen, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Learning a library of Physical Interactions for Social Robots
19.11.202115:00-17:00Michael Lutter, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Inductive Biases for Machine Learning in Robotics and Control
19.11.202111:15-11:30Lei Xu, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Integrated AI planning for general-purpose robot manipulation
19.11.202111:00-11:15Chen Xue, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Task Classification and Local Manipulation Controllers
16.11.202114:00-14:30Siwei Ju, Research Talk: Motor Sports and the Digital TwinB002
12.11.202114:20-14:50Nick Heppert, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Articulated Object Tracking for Robot Manipulation
12.11.202114:00-14:20Zhicheng Yang, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Exploring Gripping Behaviours and Haptic Emotions for Human-Robot Handshaking
5.11.202114:30-15:00Zihan Ye, Research Talk: Efficient Gradient-Based Variational Inference with GMMs
5.11.202114:00-14:30Theo Gruner, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Wasserstein-Optimal Bayesian System Identification for Domain Randomization
4.11.202115:30-17:30Hany Abdulsamad, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Statistical Machine Learning for Stochastic Structured Systems
29.10.202115:00-15:45Andy Morgan (Yale), Invited Talk: Challenges of in-hand manipulation
25.10.202118:30-21:30Stefan Loeckel, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Machine Learning for Modeling and Analyzing of Race Car Drivers
25.10.202114:00-15:00An Thai Le, Research Talk: Learning Task-parameterized Riemannian Motion Policies
22.10.202115:00-15:30Yifei Wang, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Bimanual Control and Learning with Composable Energy Policies
22.10.202114:30-15:00Tim Schneider, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Active Inference for Robotic Manipulation
20.10.202115:20-17:00Ruth Rosenholtz (MIT), Invited Talk: Demystifying the richness of visual perception
15.10.202114:00-14:30Jiawei Huang, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Multi-objective reactive motion planning in mobile manipulators
8.10.202111:00-11:20Yannick Eich, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Distributionally Robust Optimization for Hybrid Systems
30.09.202114:30-14:50Mohammad Amin Ali, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: An Educational Framework for Robot Learning
30.09.202114:00-14:30Hassan Wahba, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Deep Object-centered Heuristic for Robot Planning
28.09.202117:00-18:30Fabio Muratore, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Randomizing Physics Simulations for Robot Learning
23.09.202115:30-16:30New Event
23.09.202115:30-16:00Cedric Derstroff, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Memory Representations for Partially Observable Reinforcement Learning
23.09.202115:00-15:30Mattis Kaemmerer, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Measure-Valued Derivatives for Machine Learning
23.09.202114:00-15:00Beren Millidge (Oxford), Invited Talk: Perspectives on Active Inference for continuous control in POMDPs
20.09.202114:15-14:45Carlos Luis, Research Talk: Uncertainty Representations in Reinforcement LearningC205
20.09.202113:45-14:15Alessandro Bottero, Research Talk: Information-theoretic Safe ExplorationC205
20.09.202113:00-13:45Felix Berkencamp (BCAI), Invited Talk: Optimistic Exploration in Model-based Reinforcement LearningC205
16.09.202114:00-15:00Shikhar Bahl (CMU), Invited Talk: Neural Dynamic Policies
9.09.202114:00-15:00Fabio Muratore, Research Talk: Learning from Randomized Physics Simulations
2.09.202115:00-15:30Jihao Andreas Lin, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Functional Variational Inference for Bayesian Neural Networks
2.09.202114:30-15:00Haoyi Yang, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Variational Inference for Curriculum Reinforcement Learning
2.09.202114:00-14:30Niranth Sai, Research Talk: Skill Priors for Accelerating Reinforcement Learning
26.08.202115:00-15:15Pengfei Zhao, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Improving Gradient Directions for Episodic Policy Search
26.08.202114:30-15:00Frederik Wegner, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Learning Tactile Representations from Vision-Based Tactile Sensors for Robotic Architectural Assembly
26.08.202114:00-14:30Lukas Schneider, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Distributional Monte-Carlo Tree Search
19.08.202114:30-14:45Theo Gruner, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Wasserstein-Optimal Distributional System Identification for Domain Randomization
19.08.202114:15-14:30Tom Buchholz, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Variational Locally Projected Regression
19.08.202114:00-14:15Lukas Schneider, I.P. Conclusion: A Framework for Benchmarking Advances in MCTS in Chess
12.08.202115:15-15:45Sebastian Seer, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Learning Visual representations for Interactive tasks
12.08.202114:45-15:15Cedric Derstroff, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Memory Representations for Partially Observable Reinforcement Learning
12.08.202114:00-14:45Jan-Matthis Lückmann, Research Talk: Simulation-Based Inference for Neuroscience and Beyond
5.08.202114:00-14:45Tianyu Ren, Research Talk: Adaptive Task and Motion Planing
29.07.202115:00-15:45Joe Watson, Research Talk: Bayesian Inference for Control
29.07.202114:30-15:00Daniel Palenicek, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Dyna-Style Model-based Reinforcement Learning with Value Expansion
29.07.202114:00-14:30Tim Schneider, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Tactile Active Inference
23.07.202111:00-11:30Andreas Look, Research Talk: Neural SDEs
23.07.202110:30-11:00Hamish Flynn, Research Talk: PAC Bayes Bound for Life-Long Reinforcement Learning
22.07.202115:30-16:00Ricardo Grando, Research Talk: My experience with robotics and AI and a future outlook
22.07.202114:45-15:30An Thai Le, Research Talk: Towards Human-Robot Collaboration with Logic-Geometric Programming and Human Motion Prediction
22.07.202114:00-14:45Fabian Otto (BCAI), Invited Talk: Differentiable Trust Region Layers for Deep Reinforcement Learning
15.07.202115:00-15:20Moritz Schneider, Research Talk: Disentangled Representations for Reinforcement Learning
15.07.202114:30-15:00Antonello Scaldaferri, Research Talk: Learning Whole-Body Legged Locomotion Skills for Highly Dynamic Tasks
15.07.202114:00-14:30Yannick Eich, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Distributionally Robust Optimization For Hybrid Systems
14.07.202115:20-16:20Nori Jacoby (Max Planck Institute for Empirical Esthetics), Invited Talk: Understanding Perceptual Priors with Massive Online Experimentsttps:// SHlEK0M4dz09
8.07.202115:00-15:30Hany Abdulsamad, Research Talk: Distributionally-Robust Stochastic Optimal Control
8.07.202114:30-15:00Hanyu Sun, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Can we improve time-series classification with Inverse Reinforcement Learning?
8.07.202114:00-14:30Lanmiao Liu, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Detection and Prediction of Human Gestures by Probabilistic Modelling
24.06.202114:30-15:00Yanhua Zhang, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Memory Representations for Partially Observable Reinforcement Learning
24.06.202114:00-14:30Jule Brendgen, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: The Relation between Social Interaction And Intrinsic Motivation in Reinforcement Learning
17.06.202114:30-15:15Boris Belousov, Research Talk: Touch2Feel — Tactile Active Inference
17.06.202114:00-14:30Michel Kohl, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Learning Latent Interaction Models using Interaction Primitives
10.06.202114:30-15:30Junning Huang, Research Talk: Model-based Reinforcement Learning for Plate Spinning
10.06.202114:00-14:30Mattis Kaemmerer, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Measure-Valued Derivatives for Machine Learning
27.05.202114:30-15:30Philip Becker-Ehmck, Research Talk: Empowered Exploration
27.05.202114:00-14:30Simon Kohaut, Honor Thesis Defense: Visual Perception for Assistive Robots
20.05.202114:30-15:00Tuan Dam, Research Talk: Monte-Carlo Tree Search and its application in Robot Path Planning
20.05.202114:00-14:30Alessandro Vincenti, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Developing a Robot Head for Internal State Visualization
17.05.202115:00-16:00Nikolai Matni (University of Pennsylvania), Invited Talk: Robust Learning for Safe Control
12.05.202111:30-12:00Joao Carvalho, Research Talk: An Analysis of MVDs for Reinforcement Learning
12.05.202111:00-11:30Kay Hansel, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Probabilistic Dynamic Mode Primitves
12.05.202110:30-11:00David Rother, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Reinforcement Learning in Decentralized Multi-Goal Multi-Agent Settings
6.05.202114:30-15:00Niklas Funk, Research Talk: Real Robot Challenge 2020 - Overview of Methods and their effectiveness
6.05.202114:00-14:30Frederik Wegner, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Learning Vision- Based Tactile Representations for Robotic Architectural Assembly
29.04.202114:00-14:30Puze Liu, Research Talk: Air Hockey and Null Space Optimization
22.04.202115:00-15:45Felix Frank (VW Data Labs), Invited Talk: Constrained probabilistic movement primitives
22.04.202114:30-15:00Moritz Andres, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Person Recognition via Videodata and Audiodata
22.04.202114:00-14:30Axel Patzwahl, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Multi-sensor Fusion for Target Motion Prediction with an Application to Robot Baseball
15.04.202114:30-15:00Zhenhui Zhou, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Approximate Policy Search in Black Box Optimization
15.04.202114:00-14:30Franziska Herbert, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Using Multimodal Human Feedback for Reinforcement Learning
8.04.202114:30-15:00Jianhang He, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Imitation Learning using Energy Based Models
8.04.202114:00-14:30Jonas Eschmann, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Partially Unsupervised Deep Meta Reinforcement Learning
1.04.202114:00-15:00Pascal Klink, Research Talk: Global Optimization in Machine Learning Applications
25.03.202114:30-14:45Jule Brendgen, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: The Relation between Social Interaction And Intrinsic Motivation in Reinforcement Learning
25.03.202114:00-14:30Yug Ajmera, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Learning Movement Primitives for Handshaking Behaviours
18.03.202114:00-14:15Haoyi Yang, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Variational Inference for Curriculum Reinforcement Learning
11.03.202115:00-15:30Gabriele Libardi, Invited Talk: Guided Exploration with Proximal Policy Optimization using a Single Demonstration
11.03.202114:00-15:00Julen Urain, Research Talk: Imitation Flows
4.03.202115:00-15:30Marius Zoeller, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Graph Networks
4.03.202114:30-15:00Moritz Andres, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Person Recognition via Videodata and Audiodata
4.03.202114:00-14:30Kay Hansel, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Probabilistic Dynamic Mode Primitives
25.02.202114:00-15:00Michael Lutter, Research Talk: Inductive Biases for Robot Learning
18.02.202114:15-14:30Yanhua Zhang, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Memory Representations for Partially Observable Reinforcement Learning
18.02.202114:00-14:15Franziska Herbert, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Using Multimodal Human Feedback for Reinforcement Learning
11.02.202114:15-14:30Lanmiao Liu, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Gestures Density Models
11.02.202114:00-14:15Hanyu Sun, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Action Recognition
4.02.202114:30-15:00Janosch Moos, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Approximate Variational Inference for Mixture Models
4.02.202114:00-14:30Jan Rathjens, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Accelerated Policy Search
28.01.202115:00-15:15Jianhang He, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Imitation Learning using Energy-Based Model
28.01.202114:00-15:00Claudio Zito (TII), Invited Talk: Feature-Based Transfer Learning for Robotic Push Manipulation
14.01.202114:30-14:45Zhenhui Zhou, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Multi Modal Policy Search using Normalizing Flow
14.01.202114:00-14:30David Rother, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Reinforcement Learning in Decentralized Multi-Goal Multi-Agent Settings
7.01.202114:00-14:30Felix Helfenstein, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Benchmarking Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms
21.12.202016:30-18:00Samuele Tosatto, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Reinforcement Learning for Robotics
17.12.202015:00-16:00Matthew Gombolay (Georgia Tech), Invited Talk: Democratizing Robot Learning for Human-Robot Teaming
17.12.202014:30-15:00Jonas Eschmann, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Partially Supervised Deep Meta Reinforcement Learning for Sim2Real Transfer
17.12.202014:00-14:30Janosch Moos, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Approximate Variational Inference for Mixture Models
10.12.202015:00-15:20Axel Patzwahl, M.Sc. Intermediate presentation: Multi-sensor Fusion for Target Motion Prediction with an Application to Robot Baseball
10.12.202014:30-15:00Fabian Damken, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Variational Autoenconders for Koopman Dynamical Systems
10.12.202014:00-14:30Moritz Schramm, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Development of an Interactive Gesture Recognition System for an Assistive Robot
8.12.202015:30-18:00Roberto Lampariello, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Optimal Motion Planning for Object Interception and Grasping
3.12.202015:30-17:30Daniel Tanneberg, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Understand-Compute-Adapt: Neural Networks for Intelligent Agents
3.12.202011:30-12:30Mario Zanon (IMT Lucca), Invited Talk at MPI-IS-EI: Reinforcement Learning based on Model Predictive Control
26.11.202014:30-15:00Rustam Galljamov, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Sample-efficient learning-based controller for bipedal walking in robotic systems
26.11.202014:00-14:30Albert Schotschneider, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Learning High-Level Behavior for Autonomous Vehicles
20.11.202013:00-13:30Maximilian Stasica, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Comparison of human motor control models and their application to robotics
19.11.202015:00-15:30Tim Dorau, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Distributionally Robust Optimization for Optimal Control
19.11.202014:00-15:00Zico Kolter (CMU), Invited Talk: Equilibrium approaches to deep learning: One (implicit) layer is all you need,
12.11.202015:00-16:00Nathan Ratliff (NVIDIA), Invited Talk: Geometric fabrics: Transparent tools for behavior engineering
5.11.202014:00-15:00Emtiyaz Khan (RIKEN AIP), Invited Talk: Bayesian Principles for Learning Machines
29.10.202014:00-15:00Gergely Neu (UPF), Invited Talk: Logistic Q-Learning
22.10.202014:00-14:15Moritz Schramm, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Development of an Interactive Gesture Recognition System for an Assistive Robot
20.10.202011:00-12:00Martin Pecka, Research Talk: Safe Autonomous Reinforcement Learning
15.10.202014:15-14:30Mark Baierl, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Learning action representations for primitives-based Humanoid control
15.10.202014:00-14:15Erik Samstag, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Bayesian Optimization for Biochemical Dose Response Measurements
1.10.202014:30-15:00Patrick Krabbe, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Learning Riemannian Movement Primitives for Manipulation
1.10.202014:00-14:30Okan Koc (Amazon), Invited Talk: Safe Learning Control: What is out there and what is not?
23.09.202010:00-11:00Oleg Arenz, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Sample-Efficient I-Projections for Robot Learning
22.09.202011:30-12:00Jia-Jie Zhu, Research Talk: Robust Learning Meets Robust Optimization -- Introduction to Distributionally Robust OptimizationLink on request
17.09.202016:30-17:00Thomas Lautenschläger, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Variational Inference For Switching Dynamics
17.09.202016:00-16:30Alexander Klein, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Learning Robot Grasping of Industrial Work Pieces using Dense Object Descriptors
17.09.202015:00-16:00Marc Toussaint (TU Berlin), Invited Talk: Learning to do as planned
10.09.202015:00-15:30Markus Semmler, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Sequential Bayesian Optimal Experimental Design
10.09.202014:00-15:00Michael Gienger (Honda Research Institute), Invited Talk: Dexterous Cooperation
3.09.202014:45-15:30Oleg Arenz, Research Talk: Sample-Efficient I-Projections for Robot Learning
3.09.202014:00-14:45Simon Guist, Research Talk: Hindsight State Manipulation
27.08.202014:00-14:45Guilherme Maeda (Preferred Networks), Invited Talk: Phase portraits as movement primitives for fast humanoid robot control
20.08.202015:00-16:00Stephen Tu (Google Brain), Invited Talk: Learning Stability Certificates from Data
20.08.202014:30-14:45Jan Rathjens, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Accelerated Policy Search
13.08.202017:30-18:15Abdeslam Boularias (Rutgers U), Invited Talk: Model Identification for Robotic Manipulation
13.08.202014:45-15:00Fabian Damken, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Variational Autoenconders for Koopman Dynamical Systems
13.08.202014:30-14:45Mark Baierl, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Learning action representations for primitives-based Humanoid control
13.08.202014:00-14:30Janosch Moos, Kay Hansel, Honor Thesis Defense: Survey on Robust Reinforcement Learning
6.08.202014:45-15:30Tuan Dam, Research Talk: Convex Regularization in Monte-Carlo Tree Search
6.08.202014:00-14:45Andras Kupcsik (BCAI), Invited Talk: Fast Learning and Sequencing of Object-centric Robot Manipulation Skills
30.07.202014:45-15:15Rustam Galljamov, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Sample-efficient learning-based controller for bipedal walking in robotic systems
30.07.202014:00-14:45Takayuki Osa (Kyushu U), Invited Talk: Motion Planning by Learning Latent Representations
28.07.202011:00-12:00Max Welling (Uni Amsterdam), Invited Talk: Graph Nets and Equivariance: The Next Generation
23.07.202014:00-14:30Eike Mentzendorff, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Multi-Objective Deep Reinforcement Learning through Manifold Optimization
16.07.202014:00-14:30Johannes Silberbauer, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: A Differentiable Newton Euler Algorithm for Multi-body Model Learning
15.07.202014:00-16:00IP Intermediate Presentation's Zoom Meeting 0alFVaGIwQT09
9.07.202014:00-14:45Jens Kober (TU Delft), Invited Talk: Robots Learning [Through] Interactions
2.07.202014:00-14:30Claas Voelcker, Honor Thesis Defense: Sequential Monte Carlo Input Inference for Control
25.06.202014:45-15:15Vini Marconie Tengang, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: 3D Pose Estimation for Robot Mikado
25.06.202014:00-14:45Philip Becker-Ehmck, Research Talk: Deep Onboard Quadcopter Control via Model-Based Reinforcement Learning
18.06.202017:45-18:30Simon Guist, Research Talk: Hindsight State Manipulation
18.06.202017:00-17:45Roberto Calandra (Facebook), Invited Talk: Rethinking Model-based Reinforcement Learning
18.06.202016:00-17:00Yijiang Huang (MIT), Invited Talk: Scalable and Probabilistically Complete Planning for Robotic Spatial Extrusion
11.06.202015:30-16:00Qin Li, Research Talk: Human Motion Prediction Based on Graph Convolutional Network
11.06.202015:00-15:30Stephane Tekam, M.Sc. Thesis defense: Policy Optimization via Gaussian Mixture Model
11.06.202014:00-15:00Herke van Hoof (UVA), Invited Talk: Learning heuristics for combinatorial optimization
4.06.202014:00-14:30Yang Weng (U. Tokyo), Invited Talk: Reinforcement Learning Based Underwater Wireless Optical Communication Alignment for Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
28.05.202014:00-14:45Christoph Zimmer (BCAI), Invited Talk: Safe active learning for time series modeling with gaussian processes