6.10.202314:00-15:00Pascal Klink, Research Talk: Reinforcement Learning Curricula as Interpolations between Task DistributionsE202
 15:00-15:15IP final presentation: Latent Tactile Representations for Model Based RL
 15:15-15:30IP final presentation: Autonomous Basil Harvesting 
13.10.202314:00-14:45Firas Al-Hafez, Research Talk: Challenges and Frontiers in Learning Natural Locomotion
 14:45-15:15Johannes Heeg, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Task Space Exploration in Robot Reinforcement Learning 
18.10.202317:00-20:00Hamish Flynn, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: PAC-Bayes Bounds for Bandits: Algorithms and Guarantees
23.10.202316:00-19:00Andreas Look, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Deterministic Approximations for Deep State-Space Models
27.10.202314:00-15:00Kay Hansel, Research Talk: T.B.D
7.11.202315:00-18:00Pascal Klink, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Reinforcement Learning Curricula as Paths between Task Distributions
17.11.202314:00-15:00Tim Schneider, Research Talk: Active Haptic Exploration
1.12.202316:00-18:00Vignesh Prasad, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Learning Human-Robot Interaction: A Case Study on Human-Robot Handshaking
18.12.202316:00-18:30Julen Urain, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Structured Robot Motion with Generative Models - Geometry, Composability, and Learning