17.01.201917:00-19:00Gregor Gebhardt, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Using Mean Embeddings for State Estimation and Reinforcement LearningS202 A126
17.01.201914:00-14:45Anton Ziese, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Fast Multi-Objective Redundancy Resolution for Highly-Redundant Mobile RobotsS02|02 E202
14.01.201916:00-18:00Simon Guist (MPI/Uni Heidelberg), Research Talk: Reinforcement Learning for High-Speed Robotics with Muscular ActuationS1|03 Hochschulstr. 1 - 07
10.01.201914:30-15:00Intermediate IP PresentationsS02|02 E202
10.01.201914:00-14:30David Nass, M.Sc. Thesis Final Presentation: Risk-sensitive policy searchS02|02 E202
8.01.201917:00-18:00Torsten Hoefler (ETH), Research Talk: A systems guy's view of quantum computingS02|02 E202
4.01.201919:00-21:00Hess LislS02|02 E202
13.12.201814:30-15:00Philipp Becker, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Using the I-projection to learn GMMs and Mixture of ExpertsS02|02 E202
13.12.201814:00-14:30Onur Celik, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Chance Constraints for Stochastic Optimal Control and OptimizationS02|02 E202
11.12.201811:00-12:00Charlotte Le Mouel (MPI Intelligent Systems), Research Talk: The role of postural adjustments in motor coordination in humansMeeting Room (Magdalenenstraße 27, S1/17, 1. OG)
26.11.201816:30-17:30Saso Dzerosk, Research Talk: Mining Big and Complex DataS2/02 C205
22.11.201814:00-14:30Rong Zhi, Final M.Sc. Thesis Presentation: Deep reinforcement learning for autonomous driving under uncertaintyS02|02 E202
19.11.201816:00-17:00Dana Ballard, Research Talk: In large scale movements with a common goal humans use common posturesC110
15.11.201814:30-15:00Christian Ritter, Final MS Thesis Presentation: Deep Model LearningS02|02 E202
15.11.201814:00-14:20Alymbek Sadybakasov, Intermediate MS Talk: Learning tactile skills for architectural assemblyS02|02 E202
8.11.201814:00-14:30Lennart Ebeling, Intermediate BSc Talk: Experimental validation of an MPC-POMDP model of ball catchingS02|02 E202
26.10.201813:00-13:30Samuel Clarke (CMU), Invited Talk: Audio Feedback in Robotic ManipulationE203
25.10.201816:00-17:00Volker Tresp, Research Talk: Deep X: Deep Learning with Deep KnowledgeS3|20 Room 111
25.10.201814:30-15:00Tim Schneider, Final B.Sc. Presentation: Guided Policy Search for In-Hand ManipulationS02|02 E202
25.10.201814:00-14:15Fabio CoRL Test TalkS02|02 E202
24.10.201818:00-19:00Debora Clever (ABB), Research Talk: Autonome Systeme in der ProduktionGebäude L1|01 (Otto-Berndt-Straße 2), Raum K24
24.10.201813:00-14:30Okan Koc, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Control and Learning for Robot Table TennisA102
24.10.201810:30-11:30Sethu Vijayakumar (U. Edinburgh), Invited Talk: Shared Autonomy - The Future of Interactive RoboticsS202/C120
22.10.201816:30-18:00Filipe Veiga, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Tactile Manipulation: Sensing\ , Control and LearningA102
22.10.201811:00-12:00Veronica Santos (UCLA), Invited Talk: Artificial haptic intelligence for human-machine systemsA102
11.10.201813:30-14:45Sebastian Trimpe (MPI-IS), Invited TalkS02|02 E202
4.10.201814:00-14:30Marius Vieth, Master's Thesis Final PresentationS02|02 E202
1.10.201815:00-17:00Rudolf Lioutikov, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Parsing Motion and Composing Behavior for Semi-Autonomous ManipulationS02|02 A102
1.10.201813:30-14:30Ken Goldberg (UC Berkeley), Research Talk: The New Wave in Robot GraspingS02|02 E202
27.09.201815:00-15:30Ana Borg, Final Bsc. Thesis Presentation: Infinite Mixture Policies for Reinforcement LearningS02|02 E202
27.09.201814:30-15:00Dominik Dienlin - Final MS Thesis Talk: Generative Adverserial Learning for Autonomous DrivingS02|02 E202
27.09.201814:00-14:30David Bug, Final MS Thesis Presentation: Comparison and evaluation of Concepts for SLAM in the Context of Autonomous DrivingS02|02 E202
20.09.201814:00-14:30Zhizhen Wang, Final M.Sc. Thesis Presentation: Representation Learning for Tactile ManipulationS02|02 E202
13.09.201815:30-16:00Christian Ritter, Intermediate Master ThesisS02|02 E202
13.09.201815:00-15:30Felix Kaiser, Intermediate BSc. Thesis Presentation: Towards a Robot Skill Library Using Hierarchy, Composition and AdaptationS02|02 E202
13.09.201814:30-15:00Kim Berninger, Intermediate MS Thesis Presentation: Learning Conditional Embeddings for Structured Movement using a Recursive AutoencoderS02|02 E202
13.09.201814:00-14:15David Nass, Intermediate MS Thesis Presentation: Learning risk-sensitive movement primitives for robot badmintonS02|02 E202
6.09.201814:00-14:30Zlatko Kolev, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Joint Learning of Human and RobotsS02|02 E202
31.08.201810:00-11:00Jan H. Reimann (Uni Delaware), Research Talk: How to walk on two legs: neural control of balance during walking in humans?Red Saloon (S1/15, Alexanderstrasse 10, Room 29)
30.08.201814:00-14:30Pascal Klink - Intermediate MS Thesis Talk: Generalizing Optimal Controllers to Novel GoalsS02|02 E202
23.08.201815:00-15:30Onur Celik, MSc. Intermediate Talk: Chance Constraints in Optimal ControlS02|02 E202
23.08.201814:30-15:00Ana Borg, BSc. Intermediate: Infinite-Mixture Policies in RLS202/E202
23.08.201814:00-14:30Nourhan Khaled, BSc. Benchmarking Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Robot TetherballS202/E202
17.08.201814:00-14:30Olga Holet, Research TalkS02|02 E202
17.08.201811:00-12:00Koh Hosoda (U.Osaka), Invited Talk: Soft Humanoid RoboticsAlexanderstr. 10, R29
16.08.201814:00-14:30Yunlong Song, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Minimax and entropic proximal policy optimizationS02|02 E202
2.08.201814:00-14:30Zlatko Kolev, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Joint Learning of Human and RobotsS02|02 E202
26.07.201815:00-16:00Yassine Nemmour (MPI), Research TalkS02|02 E202
19.07.201814:00-15:00Dominik Dienlin, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Generative Adverserial Imitation Learning for Autonomous DrivingS02|02 E202
18.07.201815:00-16:00Haitham Bou Ammar (, Invited Talk: Data-Efficient Reinforcement LearningRoom 07, S1|03, Hochschulstraße 1, 64289 Darmstadt, Germany
13.07.201810:00-12:00Seungmoon Song (Stanford), Invited Talk: Modeling human locomotion control and its applicationsS02|02 E202
12.07.201814:00-14:30Tim Schneider, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Guided Policy Search for In-Hand ManipulationS02|02 E202
5.07.201815:00-16:00Prof. Masaki Takahashi, Research Talk: How to fuse machine learning and control theoryS02|02 E202
5.07.201814:00-15:00Zhang-Wei Hong (NTHU, Taiwan), Research Talk: Deep Reinforcement Learning for RoboticsS02|02 E202
28.06.201814:00-15:00Boris Belousov, Research Talk: Geometry, probability, and controlS02|02 E202
21.06.201815:00-15:30Florian Brandherm, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Learning Replanning Policies with Direct Policy SearchS02|02 E202
21.06.201814:00-15:00Rudolf Lioutikov, Research Talk: The Imitation Learning Pipeline - from unlabeled demonstrations to intuitive movement grammarsS02|02 E202
14.06.201815:00-15:30Felix Treede, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Learning Robust Control Policies from Perturbed SimulationsS02|02 E202
14.06.201814:00-15:00Oleg Arenz: Research Talk, Sampling High-Dimensional Multi-Modal Distributions via Varitional InferenceS02|02 E202
12.06.201810:00-11:00Krzysztof Dembczyński (TU Poznan)Tree-based algorithms for extreme multi-label classificationS1|A02
7.06.201814:30-15:30Marco Ewerton, Research Talk: Human-Robot Joint Motor Skill LearningS02|02 E202
7.06.201814:00-14:30Rong Zhi, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Deep Reinforcement Learning under Uncertainty for Autonomous DrivingS02|02 E202
6.06.201811:00-12:00Wenzhen Yuan (MIT), Research Talk: Making Sense of the Physical World with High-resolution Tactile SensingS02|02 E202
24.05.201814:30-15:00Onur Celik, Msc. Intermediate: Chance Constrained OptimizationS02|02 E202
24.05.201814:00-14:30Pascal Klink: Online Dynamic Model LearningS02|02 E202
17.05.201814:00-15:00Fabio Muratore, Research Talk: Domain Randomization for Policy SearchS02|02 E202
14.05.201814:30-16:00Shie Mannor (Technion), Invited Talk: Risk in Reinforcement Learning: Nothing ventured nothing gainedS02|02 E202
8.05.20189:50-11:30Amazon: Introduction to Deep Learning with Apache MxNet GluonS202/C205
7.05.201816:30-17:30Debora Clever (ABB), Research Talk: Autonome Systeme in der ProduktionS 3|20 – Rundeturmstraße 10; Raum 18
3.05.201814:00-14:30Zhizhen Wang, Msc. Intermediate Presentation: "Representation Learning for Tactile Manipulation"S02|02 E202
19.04.201815:00-15:30Carlo D'Eramo, visiting PhD, Politecnico di Milano: Mushroom - Python RL LibraryS02|02 E202
19.04.201814:30-15:00Jeremy Tschirner, B.Sc. Final Presetation: Boosted DQNS02|02 E202
19.04.201814:00-14:30Yunlong Song, MSc. Intermediate Presentation: f-divergence penalized policy optimizationS02|02 E202
12.04.201814:00-15:00Samuele Tosatto, Research Talk: An Optimistic Perspective in Reinforcement LearningS02|02 E202
6.04.201811:00-12:00Masashi Sugiyama (U.Tokyo & RIKEN), Invited Talk: Machine Learning from Weak Supervision ---Towards Accurate Classification with Low Labeling CostsS02-02 C120
5.04.201814:30-15:30Sebastian Gomez, Research Talk: Adaptation and Robust Learning of Probabilistic Movement PrimitivesS02|02 E202
5.04.201814:00-14:30Albert Schotschneider, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Collision Avoidance in Uncertain Environments for Autonomous Vehicles using POMDPsS02|02 E202
29.03.201815:30-16:10Carlo D'Eramo, Research Talk: Estimating the Maximum Expected Value through Gaussian ApproximationS02|02 E202
29.03.201815:00-15:30Idris Nematpur, B. Sc. Final Presentation: Jointly Learning from Demonstrations and Human Preferences on Non-Linear systemsS02|02 E202
29.03.201814:00-15:00Michael Lutter, Research Talk: Robot Skill LearningS02|02 E202
19.03.201813:30-14:00IP Final Presentation: CobotsS02|02 E202
15.03.201814:00-14:30Sebastian Rinder, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Trajectory Kernel for Bayesian OptimizationS02|02 E202
1.03.201815:00-15:15Invited Talk: Tobias Hammerschmidt - Recursion and A* for the Hamster ProblemS02|02 E202
1.03.201814:00-15:00Research Talk: Robotics at ABB Corporate ResearchS02|02 E202
28.02.201811:00-12:00Stefan Löckel, Porsche AG: Estimation, Optimization & Control -- and a Ph.D. OutlookS02-02 A213
22.02.201814:00-14:15Felix Treede, M. Sc. Intermediate Presentation, Reinforcement Learning from Perturbed Physics SimulationsS02|02 E202
1.02.201814:30-15:00Kianoosh Soltani Naveh, Research Talk: Learning Traction Conditions via POMDPsS02|02 E202
1.02.201814:00-14:30Hong Linh Thai, M. Sc. Final Presentation: Deep Reinforcement Learning for POMDPsS02|02 E202
26.01.201814:00-15:00Roberto Calandra, Research Talk: Learning to Grasp from Vision and TouchA313
25.01.201815:00-15:30Robin Hesse, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Development and Evaluation of 3D Autoencoders for Feature ExtractionS02|02 E202
25.01.201814:30-14:50Jeremy Tschirner, B. Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Boosted Deep Q NetworkS02|02 E202
25.01.201814:00-14:10Devron Williams: IP intermediate, Building a Grasping TestbedS02|02 E202
23.01.201818:00-19:00Daniel Blackman (STRIDE/FSU), Invited Talk: Design and Control of Minitaur, a Direct-drive Quadrupedal RobotS1 18 (PC-Pool, Dachgeschoss)
22.01.201811:00-12:00Gerhard Kurz (KIT), Research Talk: Estimation Based on Directional Statistics for Robotic Beating Heart Surgery with Automatic Motion CompensationA313
18.01.201815:00-16:00Gagan Narula (INI), Research Talk: Songbird song learning through the lens of reinforcement learningS02|02 E202
18.01.201814:00-15:00Simone Parisi, Research Talk: Status Update - What I Did at RIKENS02|02 E202
18.01.201813:30-14:00Tobias Dollinger (TUDA), Research Talk: Quadcopter experiencing extreme disturbancesS02|02 E202
11.01.201813:30-14:00Danny Dittmar, M. Sc. Final Presentation: Distributed Reinforcement Learning with Neural Networks for RoboticsS02|02 E202
10.01.201816:30-18:00Rainer Goebel (Maastricht University), Invited Talk: Cracking representational codes in the human brain: From basic research to clinical fMRI applicationsS01-03,Room 283
4.01.201815:30-16:00Bastian Wibranek (Architecture Department, Digital Design Unit), Invited Talk: Reconfigurable architectures through the use of robotsA213
21.12.201713:30-14:30Amir Ghalamzan (University of Birmingham), Invited Talk: Robot learning in a dynamic environment and grasping under post-grasp objectivesS02|02 E202
21.12.201710:00-11:00Desmond Elliot (U. Edinburgh), Invited Talk: Multilingual and Multimodal Natural Language ProcessingS2|02 A102
19.12.201716:00-17:00Aude Billard (EPFL), Research Talk: Machine Learning for Estimating Robust Control LawsC110
19.12.201711:30-13:30Simon Manschitz, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Learning Sequential Skills for Robot Manipulation TasksA103
18.12.201717:00-18:00Jens Kober (TU Delft), Invited Talk: Learning Complex Robot-Environment InteractionsS01-03, Room 7 (Basement)
14.12.201714:30-15:00Okan Koc (Max-Planck Institute of Intelligent Systems), Research TalkS02|02 E202
14.12.201714:00-14:30Albert Schotschneider, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Collision Avoidance in Uncertain Environments for Autonomous Vehicles using POMDPsS02|02 E202
14.12.201713:30-14:00Yannik Frisch, B.Sc. final Presentation: The effect of intrinsic motivation signals on reinforcement learning strategiesS02|02 E202
7.12.201713:30-14:00Davis Manh Truong, Finn Gundlach, Johannes Heilmann, Timo Martin , Praktikum Talk, Online Gaming Framework for Brain-Computer-InterfacesS02|02 E202
6.12.201716:30-18:00Felix Wichmann (Uni Tübingen), CCS Talk: Comparing deep neural networks against humans: Object recognition with weak signalsS01-03,Room 283
30.11.201714:00-14:30Nick Heppert, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Can we predict grasp forces from photos?S02|02 E202
30.11.201713:30-14:00David Rother, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Transferring Insights on Biological Sleep to Robot Motor Skill LearningS02|02 E202
29.11.201715:30-17:00Julia Vinogradska, Ph.D. Defense: Gaussian Processes in Reinforcement Learning: Stability Analysis and Efficient Value PropagationS02-02 | A102
29.11.201713:30-14:30Carl Rasmussen (Cambridge Univ.), Invited Talk: Variational Inference in Gaussian Processes for Non-Linear Time SeriesS1-03 (Altes Hauptgebäude), Room 23
23.11.201713:30-14:00Matej Zecevic, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Matching Bundles of Axons Using Feature GraphsS02|02 E202
22.11.201713:30-14:30Simone Frintrop (Uni Hamburg), Invited Talk: Vision for Mobile Systems: From Saliency to Object DiscoveryS02|02 E202
16.11.201713:30-14:00Sebastian Rinder, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Trajectory Kernel for Bayesian OptimizationS02|02 E202
9.11.201713:30-14:00Karl-Heinz Fiebig, IP final talk, Spatio-spectral Transfer Learning for Motor Performance EstimationS02|02 E202
2.11.201713:30-14:30Joni Pajarinen, Research Talk: Compatible Policy SearchS202 E202
26.10.201715:00-15:30Sebastian Szelag, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Transferring Insights on Mental Training to Robot Motor Skill LearningA126
26.10.201714:30-15:00Markus Semmler, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Exploration in Deep Reinforcement LearningA126
26.10.201714:00-14:30Viktor Pfanschilling, B.Sc. Thesis Final Presentation: Genetic Programming with HaskellA126
26.10.201713:30-13:45Philipp Becker, IP PresentationA126
19.10.201713:30-14:00Pavan Gadiya, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Large Scale Real-Time Data Analytics Platform for Energy ExchangeE 302
18.10.201716:30-18:00Patrick van der Smagt (VW), CCS Talk: Machine Learning: from probability densities to roboticsS01-03,Room 283
17.10.201714:00-15:00Bernt Schiele (MPI), Research Talk: Beyond Deep Learning: Multi-Person Pose Estimation and Multi-People TrackingC110
12.10.201713:30-14:00Nadine Weibrecht, Master Thesis Final Presentation: Auswertung von Sensordaten mit Machine Learning AlgorithmenS02|02 E202
5.10.201714:00-14:30Lukas Beckmann, M.Sc. Defense: Lane estimation with deep neural networksS02|02 E202
28.09.201714:00-14:30Simon-Konstantin Thiem, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Simulation of the underactuated Sake Robotics Gripper in V-REP and ROSS02|02 E202
28.09.201713:30-14:00Parvez Ahmad, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Analysis of Financial Big Data using Machine Learning and Graph ProcessingS02|02 E202
21.09.201714:00-14:30Markus Semmler, B. Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Exploration In Deep Reinforcement LearningS02|02 E202
21.09.201713:30-14:00Claudia Lölkes, B. Sc. Final Presentation: Incremental Imitation Learning with Estimation of UncertaintyS02|02 E202
21.09.201713:00-13:30Janine Hölscher, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Interactive Planning Under UncertaintyS02|02 E202
14.09.201713:30-14:00Danny Dittmar, M. Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Distributed Reinforcement Learning with Neural Networks for RoboticsS02|02 E202
7.09.201713:00-14:00Oleg Arenz, Tutorial: An introduction to the iiwa platformS02|02 E202
4.09.201715:00-16:00Philip Becker-Ehmck, Research Talk: Variational Model-based EmpowermentS02|02 E202
31.08.201713:30-14:00Yannik Frisch: B.Sc. Intermediate PresentationS02|02 E202
24.08.201714:00-15:30Michael Lutter, Tutorial: Optimization for Deep LearningS02|02 E202
24.08.201713:30-14:00Okan Koc (Max-Planck Institute of Intelligent Systems), Research Talk: Online optimal trajectory generation for robot table tennisS02|02 E202
24.08.201713:00-13:30Robert Pinsler, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Data Efficient Learning of Robotics Grasps from PreferencesS02|02 E202
22.08.201714:00-15:00Sebastian Nowozin (MSR), Research Talk: Probabilistic Deep LearningS02-02, C110
17.08.201714:00-15:00Pascal Klink, Tutorial: RobcomS02|02 E202
17.08.201713:30-14:00Paavo Parmas (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University), Research Talk: Some discussion on policy search with differentiable modelsS02|02 E202
16.08.201713:00-13:45Jérôme Kirchhoff (SIM), Ph.D. Defense: Towards Dependability of Ultra Lightweight Tendon Driven Series Elastic RobotsS1-03, Room 07
15.08.201714:00-16:00Maziar Sharbafi (LL), Ph.D. Defense: Bioinspired template-based control of legged locomotionAlexanderstr. 10, Room 29
10.08.201715:00-16:00Eric Eaton (University of Pennsylvania), Research Talk: Efficient Lifelong Machine Learning: an Online Multi-Task Learning PerspectiveE302 or C110 if we are too many
10.08.201714:30-15:00Sebastian Szelag, B. Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Transferring Insights on Mental Training to Robot Motor Skill LearningS02|02 E202
4.08.201714:00-14:30Manuel Bied, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Learning Sequential Skills for Bi-manual Manipulation TasksE202
3.08.201714:00-15:00Rudolf Lioutikov, Tutorial: Introduction to Formal Grammars with details on using PCFGs for Movement Primitive sequencingS02|02 E202
3.08.201713:30-14:00Riad Akrour, Research Talk: Local Bayesian Optimization of Motor SkillsS02|02 E202
20.07.201714:30-15:00Parvez Ahmad, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Analysis of Financial Big Data using Machine Learning and Graph ProcessingS02|02 E202
20.07.201714:00-14:30David Rother, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Transferring Insights on Biological Sleep to Robot Motor Skill LearningS02|02 E202
20.07.201713:30-14:00Christian Weiland, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Deep Reinforcement Learning by Propagating RewardsS02|02 E202
13.07.201714:30-15:30Guilherme Maeda, Research Talk: Active Incremental Learning of Robot MovementsS02|02 E202
13.07.201713:30-14:30Carlos Celemin (Univ. Chile), Research Talk: Interactive Learning of Continuous Actions from Corrective Advice Communicated by HumansS02|02 E202
7.07.201714:00-15:00Diego Agudelo-Espana (MPI-IS), Research Talk: Definition and Composition of Motor Primitives using Latent Force Models and Hidden Markov Models.E202
6.07.201714:00-14:30Nadine Weibrecht, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Auswertung von Sensordaten mit Machine Learning AlgorithmenS02|02 E202
6.07.201713:30-14:00Claudia Lölkes, B. Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Incremental Imitation Learning with Estimation of UncertaintyS02|02 E202
29.06.201714:00-14:30Kaushik Gondaliya, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Learning to Categorize Issues in Distributed Bug Tracker SystemsS02|02 E202
27.06.201715:00-15:45Gerhard Neumann (Lincoln University), Research Talk: Information-Geometric Policy Search for Learning Versatile, Reusable SkillsGebäude S4|14, Raum 5.3.01, Mornewegstraße 32, 64293 Darmstadt
26.06.201716:30-18:30Alexandros Paraschos, Ph.D. Defense: Robot Skill Representation, Learning and Control with Probabilistic Movement PrimitivesC110
26.06.201714:00-15:30Sylvain Calinon (IDIAP), Research Talk: Robot learning from few demonstrations by exploiting the structure and geometry of dataS202 A103
22.06.201714:30-15:00Dorothea Koert, Research Talk: Trust Region Expectation Maximization for Efficient Learning of Forward and Inverse ModelsS02|02 E202
22.06.201714:00-14:30Lukas Beckmann, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Lane estimation with deep neural networksS02|02 E202
22.06.201713:00-14:00Mikko Lauri (University of Hamburg), Research Talk: Active information gathering for mobile robotsS02|02 E202
21.06.201710:00-12:00Christian Wirth, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Preference-based Reinforcement LearningA102
12.06.201714:00-15:00Miltos Allamanis (MSR), Research Talk: Learning from Big CodeS2|02 A126
1.06.201715:30-16:00Jiading Fang (UIUC), Research Talk: InfoGAN for Robotics?S02|02 E202
1.06.201715:00-15:30Simon Ramstedt, IP Final Presentation: Bayesian Deep Reinforcement LearningS02|02 E202
1.06.201714:00-15:00Samuele Tosatto, Research Talk: Boosted fitted Q-iterationS02|02 E202
1.06.201713:30-14:00Pavan Gadiya, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Large Scale Real-Time Data Analytics Platform for Energy ExchangeS02|02 E202
31.05.201714:15-15:15Mauricio A. Alvarez (University of Sheffield), Research Talk: Sequential latent force models for segmenting motor primitivesS0202 A126
29.05.201715:00-16:00Armin Biess (Ben Gurion University): Space, time and human motion: Riemannian geometric approach to human arm dynamics, optimization and invarianceA313
23.05.201713:30-14:30Martin Riedmiller (Google Deepmind), Research Talk: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Learning MachinesS202 C205
18.05.201713:30-14:30Heinz Köppl (EE@TU Darmstadt), Research Talk: Learning from demonstrations, intentional and sub-intentional Bayesian methodsS02|02 E202
11.05.201713:30-14:30Filipe Veiga, Research Talk: Towards Dexterous Robotic In-Hand Manipulation through Tactile SensingS02|02 E202
4.05.201716:30-17:00Matej Zecevic,Bilal Hanun,Felix Kosterhon,Robin Hesse, BP Final Presentation, 3D Object Modelling and Recognition using a RGB-D cameraA102
27.04.201712:00-13:00Senka Krivic (Uni Innsbruck), Research Talk: Towards Adaptive Mobile ManipulationsA102
27.04.201711:30-12:00Daniel Tanneberg, Research Talk: Online Motion Planning and Learning with Stochastic Recurrent Neural NetworksA102
27.04.201711:00-11:30Hong Linh Thai, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Guided Deep Learning for POMDPsA102
27.04.201710:30-11:00Sanket Shinde, M.Sc. Final Presentation: POMDPs with discrete and continuous observations for roboticsA102
20.04.201714:30-15:00Manuel Bied, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Learning Sequential Skills for Bi-Manual Manipulation TasksS02|02 E202
20.04.201714:00-14:30Svenja Stark, Research Talk: Metrics for Skill ComparisonS02|02 E202
13.04.201713:30-14:30Boris Belousov, Research Talk: f-Divergence Constrained Policy SearchS02|02 E202
6.04.201714:00-15:00Marco Ewerton, Research Talk: Assisting the practice of motor skills by humans with a probability distribution over trajectoriesS202 E302
6.04.201713:30-14:00Idris Nematpur, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Jointly Learning from Demonstrations and Preferences on Non-Linear SystemsS02|02 E202
5.04.201711:00-11:45Abbas Abdolmaleki, Research Talk: Robot learning with stochastic search -- challenges and solutionsS02|02 E202
30.03.201713:00-13:15Tobias Hammerschmidt, Schülerpraktikum Report: Controlling Sphero Robot with JavaScriptS02|02 E202
28.03.201711:00-12:00Wataru Takano (U. Tokyo), Research Talk: Motion Control and Language Generation from Stochastic SymbolsS02-02 A213
27.03.201713:30-17:00IP Final PresentationS202-A313
23.03.201715:30-16:00Yunsheng Huang, Research Talk: Linear Quadratic Tracking for Unknown Systems and Passivity Based ControlS02|02 E202
23.03.201715:00-15:30Moritz Nakatenus, M.Sc. Honors Thesis Progress Report: LSTM Networks for movement planning in humanoidsS02|02 E202
23.03.201714:30-15:00Simon Thiem, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Deep Neural Networks for Controlling HumanoidsS02|02 E202
22.03.201711:00-12:00Moritz Grosse-Wentrup (MPI-IS), Research Talk: Neural Engineering : Restoring, Replacing, and Extending CognitionS02|02 E202
16.03.201713:30-14:00Harun Polat, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Wachsende Neuronale Netz zur BewegungskoordinationS02|02 E202
16.03.201713:00-13:30Janine Hölscher, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Interactive Planning under UncertaintyS02|02 E202
3.03.201713:30-14:30Takayuki Osa, Research Talk: Robot learning for manipulation: Imitation, interaction, and reinforcement learningS02|02 E202
2.03.201713:30-14:00Julian Gao, M.Sc. Thesis Progress Report: Stochastic Optimal Control of Humanoid Robots in multi-contact environmentsS02|02 E202
2.03.201713:00-13:30Alexander Gabriel, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Empowered SkillsS02|02 E202
23.02.201713:30-14:00Kaushik Gondaliya, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Learning to Categorize Issues in Distributed Bug Tracker SystemsS02|02 E202
23.02.201713:00-13:30Robert Pinsler, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Data-Efficient Learning of Robotic Grasps from Human PreferencesS02|02 E202
21.02.201713:15-14:00Mohammad Shahbazi (IIT), Research Talk: Control of Dynamic Legged Locomotion Based on Spring-Mass ModelsRoom 29, Alexanderstraße 10 (S1/15)
14.02.201714:00-15:00Wolfram Burgard (Uni Freiburg), Research Talk: Deep Learning for Robot Navigation and PerceptionC120
2.02.201714:00-14:45Mohsen Kaboli (TU München), Research Talk: Whole Body Tactile Exploration with a Baby RobotS02|02 E202
2.02.201713:30-14:00Lena Plage, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Reinforcement Learning for tactile-based finger gaitingS02|02 E202
31.01.20179:30-10:30Juliane Euler (SIM), Ph.D. Defense: Optimal Cooperative Control of UAVs for Dynamic Data-Driven Monitoring TasksA102
27.01.201711:00-12:00Andreas Hock (Uni Toronto), Research Talk: Learning for Multi-Agent Systems - Distributed Iterative Learning ControlA313
26.01.201713:30-14:00Gregor Gebhardt, Research Talk: The Kernel Kalman RuleS02|02 E202
26.01.201713:00-13:30David Sharma, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Adaptive Training Strategies for BCIS02|02 E202
19.01.201713:30-14:30Jochen Triesch (FIAS), Research Talk: Self-calibrating Vision through Active Efficient CodingS02|02 E202
10.01.201714:00-15:00Angela Schöllig (U. Toronto), Research Talk: Safe Learning Control for Mobile RobotsS0202-E202
22.12.201614:30-15:00Felix Friske, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Learning to SampleS02|02 E202
22.12.201614:00-14:30Dorothea Koert, Research Talk: Towards Learning, Prediction and Control for Dexterous SkillsS02|02 E202
22.12.201613:30-14:00Daniel Tanneberg, Research Talk: Deep Spiking Networks for Model-based Planning in HumanoidsS02|02 E202
15.12.201614:30-15:00Lena Plage, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Reinforcement Learning for tactile-based finger gaitingS02|02 E202
15.12.201614:00-14:30Sonja Hanek, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Multi-Scale Latent Modelling of the HuMoD databaseS02|02 E202
15.12.201613:00-14:00Simone Parisi, Research Talk: Recent Advances on Multi-objective R LS02|02 E202
2.12.201615:00-16:00Steffen Leonhardt (RWTH Aachen), Research Talk: Closed-Loop Medical SystemsS3|06/052
1.12.201614:00-14:30Blank/Fiebig/Friess/Schultheis/Sharma/Viernickel, Cybathlon Project, BCI PipelineS202 E302
24.11.201614:30-15:00Daniel Palenicek, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Reinforcement Learning for Mobile Missile LaunchingS02|02 E202
24.11.201614:00-14:30Rene Schuster, M.Sc. Final Presentation: 3D Object Proposals from Stereo and Optical FlowB002
24.11.201613:00-14:00Oleg Arenz, Research Talk: Learning to Predict Grasp Quality from Human InteractionsS02|02 E202
17.11.201613:00-14:00Joni Pajarinen, Research Talk: Hybrid control trajectory optimization under uncertaintyS02|02 E202
10.11.201614:30-15:00Pascal Klink B.Sc Final Presentation: Model Learning with Probabilistic Movement PrimitivesS02|02 E202
10.11.201614:00-14:30Sanket Shinde, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: POMDPs with discrete and continuous observations for roboticsS02|02 E202
3.11.201613:15-13:45Karl-Heinz Fiebig, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Multi-Task Logistic Regression in Brain-Computer InterfacesS02|02 E202
3.11.201612:50-13:20Matthias Schultheis, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Learning Priors for Error-related Decoding in EEG data for Brain-Computer InterfacingS202 E302
3.11.201612:20-12:50Thomas Hesse, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Learning a Filter for Noise Attenuation in EEG Data for Brain-Computer InterfacesS02|02 E202
3.11.201612:00-12:20Mehmedovic/Lode/Speh/Haddoudi/Reuter (Cybathlon Project): BCI VisualizerS02|02 E202
1.11.201615:00-18:00Herke van Hoof, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Exploration and Learning in Perception-rich RoboticsS202 A102
1.11.201610:30-11:30Prof. Marc Toussaint (Stuttgart University): Machine Learning and Modern AI Approaches to Robotics -- Learning and Reasoning in Logic, Geometric and Uncertain DomainsS0202-C120
27.10.201613:00-13:30Emmanuel Stapf, M.Sc. Thesis Final Presentation: Predicting Traffic Flows for Traffic Engineering in Software-Defined NetworksE 302
20.10.201613:00-13:30Philipp Becker, B.Sc. Thesis Final Presentation: Learning Deep Feature Spaces for Nonparametric InferenceS02|02 E202
6.10.201613:00-13:30Danny Driess (U. Stuttgart), Research Talk: Constrained Bayesian Optimization of Combined Interaction Force/Task Space Controllers for ManipulationsS02|02 E202
29.09.201613:00-15:00Integrated Project Final PresentationE302
22.09.201613:00-14:00Simon Manschitz, Research Talk: Probabilistic Decomposition of Sequential Force Interaction TasksS02|02 E202
8.09.201613:00-13:30Matthias Schultheis, B.Sc Intermediate Presentation: Learning Priors for Error-related Decoding in EEG data for Brain-Computer InterfacingS202 E302
29.08.201611:00-12:00Michael Lutter (Technische Universitaet Muenchen), Research Talk: Distance measures for view-invariant dynamic texture recognitionE302
25.08.201613:30-14:00Maximilian Hüttenrauch, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Guided Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robot SwarmsS02|02 E202
25.08.201613:00-13:30Valerian Marg, B.Sc Final Presentation: Reinforcement Learning for Manipulation TasksS02|02 E202
18.08.201615:30-16:30Roberto Calandra, Research Talk: Robust Multi-Objective OptimizationS02|02 E202
18.08.201615:00-15:30Lars Fritsche, Honor's Thesis Final Presentation: Learning to Walk on Rough TerrainS02|02 E202
11.08.201615:00-15:30Lukas Grossberger, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Towards a low-cost cognitive Brain-Computer Interface for Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisS02|02 E202
11.08.201614:00-15:00Marco Ewerton, Research Talk: Bidirectional Human-Robot Learning: Imitation and Skill ImprovementS202 E302
11.08.201613:00-14:00Takayuki Osa, Research Talk: Learning Multiple Grasping Strategies and Its Application to Nuclear Sort and SegregationS02|02 E202
4.08.201615:30-16:00Rene Schuster, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: 3D Object Proposals from Stereo and Optical FlowB002
4.08.201615:00-15:30Thomas Hesse, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Learning a Filter for Noise Attenuation in EEG Data for Brain-Computer InterfacesB002
4.08.201611:00-12:00Michael A Osborne (Oxford), Research Talk: Probabilistic numerics: treating numerical computation as learning, or; it's Bayes all the way downS02|02 E202
3.08.201615:00-18:00Roberto Calandra, Thesis Defense: Bayesian modeling for optimization and control in roboticsC110
28.07.201613:30-14:00Pascal Klink B.Sc Thesis Progress Report: Model Learning with Probabilistic Movement PrimitivesS02|02 E202
28.07.201613:00-13:30Daniel Wilbers, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Context-Driven Movement Primitive AdaptationS202 E302
27.07.201616:00-17:00Alexander Sproewitz (MPI-IS), Research Talk: Agile and Robust Legged Robot Locomotion using Bioinspired Design and Control PrimitivesS118/202 (Magdalenenstr)
21.07.201614:00-14:30Emmanuel Stapf, M.Sc. Thesis Progress Report: Learning to predict in sofware-defined networks (SDNs)S02|02 E202
21.07.201613:30-14:00Philipp Becker, B.Sc. Thesis Progress Report: Learning Deep Feature Spaces for Nonparametric InferenceS02|02 E202
7.07.201613:00-14:30Integrated Project Status UpdatesS02|02 E202
24.06.201616:00-17:00Kevin Luck, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Multi-Group Factor Extension of the GrouPS algorithm and Real-World Robot LearningS02|02 E202
23.06.201613:30-14:00Dorothea Koert, DGR Days Test Talk: Using Human Demonstrations and Trajectory Optimization for Generalizable Human-like Robot MotionsS02|02 E202
23.06.201613:00-13:30Max Hüttenrauch, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robot SwarmsS02|02 E202
16.06.20169:30-10:30Klettersteig (50 + 20)S02|02 E202
9.06.201614:30-15:30Peter Englert (U Stuttgart), Research Talk: Combined Optimization and Reinforcement Learning for Manipulations SkillsS02|02 E202
9.06.201614:00-14:30Harun Polat, B.Sc Thesis Progress Report: Wachsende Neuronale Netz zur BewegungskoordinationS02|02 E202
9.06.201613:30-14:00David Sharma M.Sc. Thesis Progress Report: Adaptive Training Strategies for BCIS02|02 E202
2.06.201613:30-1:00Boris+Hany: Hannover Messe in 5min!S02|02 E202
25.05.201617:00-18:00Maurizio Filippone (Eurecom), Research Talk: Unbiased computations for tractable and scalable learning of Gaussian processesS02|02 E202
25.05.201616:30-17:00Viktor Pfanschilling, Honor's Thesis Intermediate Presentation: Genetic Programming with HaskellS02|02 E202
24.05.201611:00-12:00Jerry Lin (Taiwan Tech), Research Talk: Development of Intelligent and Autonomous Robots and SystemsS02|02 E202
23.05.201616:00-17:00Julia Vinogradska, Research Talk: Stability of Controllers for Gaussian Process Forward Models S02|02 E202
19.05.201614:00-14:30Moritz Nakatenus, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning AlgorithmsS02|02 E202
19.05.201613:00-14:00Diego Romeres (Padua University), Research Talk: Analysis of Bayesian SI: point estimators, confidence sets, semi-parametric models and online settingS02|02 E202
12.05.201614:00-15:00Guilherme Maeda, Research Talk: Programming Robots using Human ObservationsS02|02 E202
12.05.201613:30-14:00Jannick Abbenseth, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Hierarchical Cooperative Path Planning for Service RobotsS02|02 E202
12.05.201613:00-13:30Valerian Marg, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Reinforcement learning for manipulationS02|02 E202
28.04.201613:00-13:30Simon Ramstedt, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Deep Reinforcement Learning with Continuous ActionsS02|02 E202
25.04.201611:00-12:00Quan Zhou (Aalto University), Research Talk: Small robotic systems and microassemblyS02|02 E202
22.04.201614:00-17:00Chris Daniel, Thesis Defense: Learning Hierarchical Policies from Human RatingsC120
22.04.201611:00-12:00Chris Watkins (Royal Holloway), Research Talk: Probability models of evolutionS02|02 E202
21.04.201613:30-14:00Dorothea Koert, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Combining Human Demonstrations and Motion Planning for Movement Primitive OptimizationS02|02 E202
21.04.201613:15-1:00Lukas Grossberger, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Towards a low-cost cognitive Brain-Computer Interface for Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisS02|02 E202
21.04.201612:45-13:00Felix Unverzagt, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Modeling Robustness for Multi-Objective OptimizationS02|02 E202
14.04.20168:00-18:30Cognitive Science Workshop, Day 2Alten Hauptgebäude S01|03 R 23 Hochschulstr. 1
13.04.20168:00-23:00Cognitive Science Workshop, Day 1Vortragssaal der ULB S01 | 20 Untergeschoss | Magdalenenstraße 8
7.04.201613:45-14:30Introduction to the Robot Learning ToolboxS02|02 E202
7.04.201613:30-13:45Daniel Kauth and Alexander Hendrich, IP Presentation: Learning to Control a Robot Swarm with a FlashlightS02|02 E202
7.04.201613:00-13:30Moritz Nakatenus, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning AlgorithmsS02|02 E202
30.03.201614:00-14:30Alberto Romay (SIM), Thesis Defense: An Object Template Approach to Manipulation for Semi-Autonomous Avatar RobotsS02|02 E202
24.03.201613:00-13:15Daniel Wilbers, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Context-driven Movement Primitive AdaptationS02|02 E202
17.03.201613:30-13:50Max Maag, IP Final Presentation: IRL of Flocking BehaviorS02|02 E202
17.03.201613:00-13:30Daniel Alte, B.Sc. Final presentation: Control of a robotic arm using a low cost BCIS202 E302
10.03.201613:30-14:00Hany Abdulsamad, M.Sc. Final presentation: Stochastic Optimal Control with Linearized DynamicsS02|02 E202
10.03.201613:00-13:30Riad Akrour, Research Talk: Model-free Trajectory OptimizationS02|02 E202
3.03.201613:30-14:30Voot Tangkaratt (Tokyo University), Research Talk: Sufficient Dimension Reduction for Transition Model EstimationS02|02 E202
3.03.201613:00-13:20Simon Ramstedt, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Deep Reinforcement Learning with Continuous ActionsS02|02 E202
24.02.201614:00-15:00Gerhard Neumann, Current and Future Research Directions, Test TalkA 126
18.02.201614:00-14:30Jannick Abbenseth, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Cooperative Path-Planning for Service RobotsS02|02 E202
18.02.201613:00-14:00Frank Hutter (Uni Freiburg), Research Talk: Advances in hyperparameter optimization of (deep) machine learning pipelinesS02|02 E202
11.02.201613:30-14:00Takayuki Osa, Research Talk: Learning Mutiple Grasp Types by Hierarchical Policy SearchS02|02 E202
11.02.201613:00-13:30Svenja Stark, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Learning Probabilistic Feedforward and Feedback Policies for Stable WalkingS02|02 E202
4.02.201613:00-14:00Vittorio Lippi (Uniklinik Freiburg), Research Talk: Neurorobotics and humanoidsA102
28.01.201614:30-15:30Joni Pajarinen, Research Talk: Planning Under Uncertainty: POMDPs\ , Decentralized POMDPs, Multi-Object ManipulationS02|02 E202
28.01.201614:00-14:30Dorothea Koert, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Towards Natural Human Demonstration in Imitation LearningS202 E302
28.01.201613:00-14:00Danko Nikolić (MPI for Brain Research & FIAS), Research Talk: Strong-AI through AI-KindergartenS02|02 E202
21.01.201614:30-15:00Dieter Büchler, Research Talk: A Lightweight Robotic Arm with Pneumatic Muscles for Robot LearningS02|02 E202
21.01.201614:00-14:30Igor Achieser, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Potential evaluation of eye- and headtracking data as a robust and real-time capable predictor for driver intention detection and integration into an algorithm for maneuver predictionS202 E302
21.01.201613:30-14:00Guilherme Maeda, Research Talk: Learning Primitives from Human Observation - Applications to Comfortable InteractionS202 E302
14.01.201614:00-14:30Gregor Gebhardt, Talk: From Gauß to KalmanS02|02 E202
11.01.201614:30-15:30Hunter Bryant Gilbert (Vanderbilt University), Research Talk: Analysis and Design of Concentric Tube Robots as Needles and ManipulatorsS02|02 E202
7.01.201614:00-15:00Jan Kohlschuetter, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Learning Probabilistic Classifiers from Electromyography Data for Predicting Knee AbnormalitiesS02|02 E202
17.12.201514:00-14:20Hany Abdulsamad, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Information-Theoretic Trajectory OptimizationA213
17.12.201513:40-14:00Alexander Gabriel, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Empowerment for Learning Robot Table TennisA213
17.12.201513:20-13:40Felix Unverzagt, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Modeling Robustness in Multi-Objective OptimizationA213
17.12.201513:00-13:20Igor Achieser, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Potential evaluation of eye- and headtracking data as a robust and real-time capable predictor for driver intention detection and integration into an algorithm for maneuver predictionA213
10.12.201514:00-14:15Daniel Tanneberg, Talk: Towards finger gaiting for tactile-based in-hand manipulationS202 E302
10.12.201513:00-14:00Marco Ewerton, Research Talk: Incremental Imitation LearningS202 E302
20.11.201513:00-14:00Herke van Hoof, Test talk: Exploration in sensory rich environmentsA313
19.11.201513:00-13:30Andreas Wieland, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Probabilistic Methods for Electrical Load PredictionS02|02 E202
9.11.201513:30-15:00Michael Black (MPI Intelligent Systems), Research Talk: On Building Digital HumansS202 C205
5.11.201517:00-18:00Koh Hosoda (U.Osaka), Invited Talk: Understanding human's adaptive bipedal walking by using cadaver feet/ artificial muscular-skeletal hybrid robotAlexanderstr. 10, R29
5.11.201513:30-14:00Michael Novotny, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Autonomous EvasionS02|02 E202
5.11.201513:00-13:30Dominik Notz, Thomas Hesse, IP Final Presentation: Contact Location Navigation using Forward ModelsS02|02 E202
3.11.201514:00-14:30Boris Belousov, M.Sc. Thesis Intermediate PresentationS202 A126
3.11.201511:00-12:00Walter Kellermann (FAU Erlangen), Invited Talk: Recent Advances in Acoustic Signal Processing for Natural Human/Machine InterfacesS202 E302
29.10.201515:00-15:30Guilherme Maeda, Research Talk: Programing Robots for Human-Robot CollaborationS02|02 E202
29.10.201514:30-15:30Daniel Alte, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Control of a robotic arm using a low budget BCIS02|02 E202
29.10.201513:45-14:30Oleg Arenz, Talk: Coolest stuff that I have learned at MLSS!S02|02 E202
22.10.201514:31-15:16Roberto Calandra, Talk: What I did at MicrosoftS02|02 E202
22.10.201514:15-14:30Sebastian Gomez, Self-IntroductionS02|02 E202
22.10.201514:00-14:15Jonas Klesy, IP Talk: Cybathlon 2016 - Status as of September 2015S02|02 E202
22.10.201513:30-14:00Felix End, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Learning Versatile Solutions with Policy SearchS02|02 E202
22.10.201513:00-13:30Felix Friske, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Policy Search for Bayesian SamplingS02|02 E202
15.10.20159:30-10:30Constantin Diez (Opel AG), Talk: Wissensbasierte Robustheitsanalyse in der Strukturmechanik mittels Machine LearningS02|02 E202
15.10.20159:00-9:30Tjark Vandommele, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Development of an algorithm for visual detection of driver fatigueS02|02 E202
15.10.20158:30-9:00Christoph Mayer, B.Sc. Final Presentation, Learning to Sequence Movement Primitives for Rhythmic TasksS02|02 E202
8.10.201511:00-11:30IP Presentation: Johannes Geisler and Emmanuel Stapf, Coupling with Probabilistiic Movement PrimitivesS02|02 E202
29.09.201511:50-12:50BusyS02|02 E202
24.09.201510:30-11:00Christian Daniel, What I did at Microsoft!S02|02 E202
24.09.201510:00-10:30Daniel Tanneberg, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Spiking neural networks solve robot planning problemsS02|02 E202
17.09.201510:00-10:30Alexander Blank, B.Sc. Final Report: Learning a Game Agent's Behaviour based on Object DistributionsS02|02 E202
10.09.201510:30-11:00Kim Berninger, B.Sc. Final Report: Hierarchical Policy Search AlgorithmsS02|02 E202
10.09.201510:00-10:30Andras Kupcsik, Learning Dynamic Human-Robot Object Handover from Human Feedback.S02|02 E202
12.08.201514:00-15:00Filipe Veiga, Test Talk for JapanS02|02 E202
12.08.201513:00-14:00Gregor Gebhardt, Test Talk for JapanS02|02 E202
11.08.201515:00-15:30Rudolf Lioutikov, Research Talk: Learning Skill Libraries through Probabilistic SegmentationS02|02 E202
6.08.201511:00-11:30Oleg Arenz, Research Talk: IRL for Semi-Autonomous ControlS02|02 E202
6.08.201510:00-11:00Simone Parisi, Talk: Coolest stuff that I have learned at MLSS! (Convex Optimization)S02|02 E202
30.07.201510:00-11:00Marco Ewerton, Talk: Coolest stuff that I have learned at MLSS!S02|02 E202
23.07.201511:30-11:45Aayush Maloo. Research Talk: Towards a Predictive Collaborative AssemblyS02|02 E202
23.07.201511:00-11:30Matteo Pirotta. Research Talk: Inverse Reinforcement Learning through Policy Gradient MinimizationS02|02 E202
23.07.201510:15-11:00Alexandros Paraschos, Research Talk: Model-Free ProMPsS02|02 E202
10.07.201511:00-12:00Allan Max Axelrod (Oklahoma State University), Research Talk: Real -time Adaptive Prediction of Time-varying and Obscure RewardsE202
9.07.201510:00-11:00Guilherme Maeda, Research Talk: Addressing the Correspondence Problem with Inverse Kinematics and Motion PlanningS02|02 E202
3.07.201515:00-16:00Presentation ADP Project: Fox-2E302
3.07.201513:00-14:00Konstantinos Karydis (University of Delaware), Research Talk: Probabilistically-Valid Templates for Planning, Navigation, and Control under Uncertainty: Applications to Miniature Legged RobotsS202 A213
2.07.201517:55-18:25Roland Fleming (Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen ), Invited Talk: Perception of 3D shape from orientation fieldsS1|20, Lecture Hall of ULB Campus Stadtmitte
2.07.201517:20-17:50Peter Battaglia (Google DeepMind), Invited TalkS1|20, Lecture Hall of ULB Campus Stadtmitte
2.07.201516:45-17:15Frank Jäkel (Universität Osnabrück), Invited Talk: Categorization in Man and MachineS1|20, Lecture Hall of ULB Campus Stadtmitte
2.07.201516:00-16:30Moritz Grosse-Wentrup (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems ), Invited TalkS1|20, Lecture Hall of ULB Campus Stadtmitte
2.07.201515:25-15:55Jörg Conradt (Technische Universität München), Invited Talk: Computational Neuroscience in Technical ApplicationsS1|20, Lecture Hall of ULB Campus Stadtmitte
2.07.201514:50-15:20Kristian Kersting (Technische Universität Dortmund), Invited Talk: Statistical Relational Artificial IntelligenceS1|20, Lecture Hall of ULB Campus Stadtmitte
2.07.201514:05-14:35Angelika Lingnau (Royal Holloway), Invited Talk: Acting to understand – or the other way around?S1|20, Lecture Hall of ULB Campus Stadtmitte
2.07.201513:30-14:00Rainer Goebel (Maastricht University), Invited Talk: Cracking representational codes in the human brain: From basic research to clinical fMRI applicationsS1|20, Lecture Hall of ULB Campus Stadtmitte
2.07.201511:20-11:40Gregor Gebhardt, Research Talk: The Subspace Conditional OperatorS02|02 E202
2.07.201510:30-11:20Christian Wirth, Riad Akrour, Research Talk: Preference-based Reinforcement LearningS02|02 E202
2.07.201510:00-10:30Felix End, B. Sc. Intermediate Report: Hierarchical Policy Search for Table TennisS02|02 E202
30.06.201515:15-16:15Matt Zucker (Swarthmore College), Research Talk: Multigrid CHOMPS202 A313
25.06.201510:00-10:30Andreas Wieland, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Probabilistic Methods for Forecasting Electronic Load ProfilesS02|02 E202
18.06.201510:30-11:00Alexander Blank, B. Sc. Intermediate Report: Learning a Game Agent 's Behaviour based on Object DistributionsS02|02 E202
18.06.201510:15-10:25Janine Hoelscher, Thomas Arnreich, IP Project Talk: Tactile MappingS02|02 E202
11.06.201515:00-16:00Tobias Springenberg, Research Talk: Towards Deep Representation Learning for ControlS202 A102
11.06.201510:00-11:00Takayuki Osa, Research Talk, Automation of Surgical RobotsS02|02 E202
28.05.201511:00-12:00Tina Liu, Research Talk: Humanoid Walking RobotsS02|02 E202
21.05.201512:00-14:00Oberseminar AuSyE302
21.05.201510:30-11:10Adrian Sosic, Research Talk: Inverse Reinforcement Learning in Swarm Systems.S02|02 E202
15.05.201516:30-17:30Marco Ewerton, Research Talk: Mixture of Interaction Primitives and Phase EstimationS202 E302
15.05.201510:30-11:00Oliver Kroemer, Test Talk: Towards Learning Hierarchical Skills for Multi-Phase Manipulation TasksS02|02 E202
8.05.201515:00-16:30Katharina Mülling, Research Talk: Autonomy Infused Teleoperation with Application to BCI ManipulationS02|02 E202
7.05.201510:30-11:00Tjark Vandommele, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Development of an algorithm for visual detection of driver fatigueS02|02 E202
7.05.201510:00-10:30Simone Parisi, Research Talk: Reinforcement Learning vs Human Programming in Tetherball Robot GamesS02|02 E202
30.04.201511:00-12:00Herke van Hoof, Research Talk: Robot learning from vision and tactile sensingS02|02 E202
30.04.201510:00-11:00Dorothea Koert, Research Talk. Inverse Kinematics for Optimal Human-robot CollaborationS02|02 E202
23.04.201510:15-10:30Elmar Rueckert, Research Talk: Extracting Low-Dimensional Control Variables for Movement PrimitivesS02|02 E202
23.04.201510:00-10:15Daniel Tanneberg, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Spiking Neural Networks Solve Robot Planning ProblemsS02|02 E202
16.04.201510:00-10:30Kai Steinert, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Heteroscedastic Gaussian ProcessesS02|02 E202
9.04.201510:00-10:30Michael Novotny, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Autonomous EvasionS02|02 E202
2.04.201511:15-12:00Matteo Pirotta, Research Talk: Reinforcement Learning - From Theory to AlgorithmsS02|02 E202
2.04.201510:30-11:15Christian Daniel, Research Talk: Learning Options from Action SequencesS02|02 E202
2.04.201510:00-10:30Sergej Alexeev, Demo: Mobile Robot Rocket LaunchingS02|02 E202
27.03.201515:00-16:00Antoine Cully, Research Talk: Practical questions for learning with Bayesian optimization in robotics and damage recoveryS02|02 E202
26.03.201510:45-11:10Christoph Mayer, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation, Learning to Sequence Movement Primitives for Rhythmic TasksS02|02 E202
26.03.201510:00-10:45Roberto Calandra, Test TalkS02|02 E202
20.03.20159:00-18:00IP Final PresentationsS02|02 E202
19.03.20159:30-10:00Sergej Alexeev, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Mobile Robot Rocket LaunchingS02|02 E202
12.03.201510:30-11:30Tucker Hermans, Research Talk: Visual and Tactile Learning for Robot ManipulationS02|02 E202
5.03.201511:00-13:00Oberseminar AuSysE302
5.03.201510:20-11:00Zengkhun Yi, Research Talk on Tactile SensingS02|02 E202
5.03.201510:00-10:20Jan Kohlschütter, B.Sc. Progress Report: Probabilistic Muscle SynergiesS02|02 E202
19.02.201513:00-14:00Aviv Tamar, Research Talk: Risk sensitive reinforcement learningA102
19.02.201512:40-13:00Svenja Stark, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Learning Probabilistic Models for LocomotionA102
5.02.201513:30-14:00Okan Koc, Research Talk: Optimizing Robot Striking Movement Primitives with Iterative Learning ControlA102
5.02.201513:00-13:30Andreas Schaefer, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Prediction of Finger Flexion from ECoG Data with a Deep Neural NetworkA102
29.01.201513:00-13:30Herke van Hoof, Research Talk: Learning non-parametric control policies with high-dimensional state featuresS02|02 E202
15.01.201513:30-14:00Elmar Ruckert: Hardware DemosS02|02 E202
15.01.201513:00-13:30Julius von Willich, B.Sc. Final Report, Reinforcement Learning for Heroes of NewarthS02|02 E202
8.01.201513:00-13:30Hardware presentation (Optoforce & BCI)S02|02 E202
18.12.201413:30-14:00Oleg Arenz, Msc Final Presentation: Feature Extraction for Inverse Reinforcement LearningS02|02 E202
18.12.201413:00-13:30Marco Ewerton, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Modeling Human-Robot Interaction with Probabilistic Movement RepresentationsS02|02 E202
16.12.201415:00-16:00Oliver Kroemer, Ph.D. Defense: Machine Learning for Robot Grasping and ManipulationS2 02|A102
16.12.201413:00-14:00Oliver Brock, Invited TalkA102
11.12.201413:20-14:00Alexander Stumpf, Introduction to the ROBOTIS THOR-MANGS202 E302
11.12.201413:00-13:10Kim Berninger, B.Sc. Progress Talk: Hierarchical PoliciesS02|02 E202
4.12.201413:00-13:30Janine Hoelscher, B.Sc. Final Thesis Presentation: Tactile Exploration of Material PropertiesS02|02 E202
13.11.201413:00-13:45Andreas Wenz, Research Talk, Prediction of driver’s intension using Motion-Tracking sensorsS02|02 E202
7.11.201413:30-14:15Guido Knips, Research Talk, Robotic Grasping Based on the Dynamic Field TheoryA 313
6.11.201413:20-13:50Guilherme Maeda, Research Talk, Interaction ProMPsS02|02 E202
6.11.201413:00-13:10Sergej Alexeev, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Mobile Robot Rocket LaunchingS02|02 E202
30.10.201414:00-14:15Andreas Schaefer, B.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Prediction of Finger Flexion from ECoG Data with a Deep Neural NetworkS02|02 E202
30.10.201413:30-13:50Max Mindt, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Probabilistic Inference for Movement Planning in HumanoidsS02|02 E202
30.10.201413:00-13:20Jan Mundo, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Structure Learning with Movement PrimitivesS02|02 E202
23.10.201413:00-13:30Dorothea Koert, Research Talk: Inverse Kinematics for Optimal Human-robot CollaborationS02|02 E202
16.10.201414:10-14:35Annemarie Mattmann, B.Sc. final report: Wie fangen Menschen Bälle?S02|02 E202
16.10.201413:55-14:10Christophe Labar, Research Update: Whole-body Control of iCub Using the Matlab InterfaceS02|02 E202
16.10.201413:30-13:50Marco Ewerton, M.Sc. Progress report: Modeling Human-Robot Interaction with Probabilistic Movement RepresentationsS02|02 E202
16.10.201413:00-13:25Simon Reinhardt, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Machine Learning for Active Gait Support with a Powered Ankle ProsthesisS02|02 E202
8.10.201411:45-12:05Peter Englert (Uni Stuttgart), Research Talk: Inverse KKT Motion OptimizationS02|02 E202
8.10.201411:15-11:45Mike Smyk, B.Sc. final report: Learning Generalizable Models for a Compliant Robot ManipulatorS02|02 E202
8.10.201410:45-11:15Niko Huhnstock, B.Sc. Final Report: Tactile sensing for manipulationS02|02 E202
10.09.201411:55-12:10Oliver Kroemer, IROS Practice Talk: Predicting Object Interactions from Contact DistributionsS02|02 E202
10.09.201411:25-11:55Oliver Kroemer, IROS Practice Talk: Probabilistic Interactive Segmentation for Anthropomorphic Robots in Cluttered EnvironmentsS02|02 E202
10.09.201410:45-11:25Tucker Hermans, IROS Practice Talk: Manipulation in ClutterS02|02 E202
3.09.201411:15-11:45Gregor Gebhardt, M.Sc. Final Report: Spectral Learning of HMMs of Robot ControlS02|02 E202
3.09.201410:30-11:00Melvin Laux, B.Sc. Final Report: Online Feature Learning for Reinforcement LearningS02|02 E202
2.09.201411:00-12:00Debora Clever, Yue Hu & Malin Schemshat, Research talk: Current research in the EU project Koroibot and ORB group in HeidelbergE202
27.08.201411:30-12:00Okan Koc, Learning to track trajectoriesS02|02 E202
27.08.201411:00-11:30Dieter Büchler: Overview past research, outlook PhDS02|02 E202
21.08.201414:00-16:00ICRA Internal Review Talks: Marco, Rudi, Max, Jan, RobertoA126
20.08.201411:15-11:45Janine Holscher B.Sc.: Progress Report: Tactile Exploration of Material PropertiesS02|02 E202
20.08.201410:45-11:15Bernhard Koch, B.Sc. Progress Report: Segmenting and Recognizing Demonstrated Manipulation TasksS02|02 E202
13.08.201411:00-11:30Johannes Ringwald, M.Sc Final Report, Combination of Movement PrimitivesS02|02 E202
13.08.201410:30-11:00Kevin Luck - Test Talk for IROSS02|02 E202
6.08.201411:45-12:00Demo: Playing Tetherball with compliant robotsS202 A016
6.08.201411:15-11:45ADP Final presentation: Playing Tetherball with compliant robotsS02|02 E202
30.07.201411:35-12:20Roberto Calandra, Research talk: Multi-Objective OptimizationS02|02 E202
30.07.201410:45-11:30Filipe Veiga, Research Talk: Learning to Detect Slip with Tactile SensingS02|02 E202
23.07.201411:15-11:45Stefan Zeiss, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Manipulation Skill for Robotic AssemblyS02|02 E202
23.07.201410:45-11:15Christian Merfels, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Large-scale probabilistic feature mapping and tracking for autonomous drivingS02|02 E202
16.07.201410:45-11:30Niko Huhnstock, B.Sc. Progress Report: Tactile sensing for manipulationS02|02 E202
9.07.201412:00-12:25Jan Mundo, M.Sc. Progress Report: Structure Learning for Movement PrimitivesS02|02 E202
9.07.201411:35-12:00Max Mindt, M.Sc. Progress Report: Probabilistic Inference for Movement Planning in HumanoidsS02|02 E202
9.07.201410:45-11:30Tucker Hermans, Ph.D. Research Talk: Learning Models for Sensor Space ControlS02|02 E202
8.07.201415:30-16:30Nathan Ratliff, kth-order Markov Optimization and Dual ExecutionA313
3.07.201416:00-16:30Sandra Amend, B.Sc. final talk: Feature Extraction for Policy SearchA213
2.07.201411:15-12:00Gerhard Neumann, Dr.-Ing. Research Talk, Information Theoretic Policy UpdatesS02|02 E202
2.07.201410:45-11:15Mike Smyk, B.Sc. Progress Report: Learning Generalizable Models for a Compliant Robot ManipulatorS02|02 E202
25.06.201411:30-12:15Simon Manschitz, Research Talk: Learning Attractor Goals from DemonstrationsS02|02 E202
25.06.201410:45-11:30Abbas Abdolmaleki, Research Talk: ZMP-based Policies - Overview and LearningS02|02 E202
18.06.201411:57-12:22Melvin Laux, B.Sc. Progress Report: Deep learning for Reinforcement LearningS02|02 E202
18.06.201411:11-11:56Guilherme Maeda: Creating collaborative and inverse dynamics models with a ProMP-based approachS02|02 E202
18.06.201410:45-11:10Aaron Hochländer, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Deep Learning for Reinforcement Learning in PACMANS02|02 E202
18.06.201410:00-10:45Rico Möckel, Guest Talk: Towards novel distributed smart technologies through inspiration by biologyS02|02 E202
11.06.201410:45-11:45Serena Ivaldi: Multimodal and social learning with a humanoid robotS02|02 E202
4.06.201411:15-11:45Simon Reinhardt, M.Sc. Progress Report: Machine Learning for Active Gait Support with a Powered Ankle ProsthesisS02|02 E202
4.06.201410:45-11:15Oleg Arenz, M.Sc. Progress Report: Learning Features for Inverse R LS02|02 E202
28.05.201413:30-15:00Martin Giese (University of Tübingen): Learning-based representation and analysis of complex body movementsMagdalenenstr. 27
28.05.201411:00-12:00Roberto Calandra, Test Talk: An Experimental Comparison of Bayesian Optimization for Bipedal LocomotionS02|02 E202
21.05.201410:45-11:15Oliver Kroemer, Research Talk: Learning to Predict Phases of Manipulation Tasks as Hidden StatesS02|02 E202
14.05.201411:30-11:45Yannick Schröcker, B.Sc. Final Report: Artificial Curiosity for Motor Skill LearningS02|02 E202
14.05.201410:45-11:45Christian Daniel, Research talk: Reward LearningS02|02 E202
7.05.201411:15-11:45Jean-Baptiste Mouret, Research Talk: Animal-like adaptation in machineS02|02 E202
7.05.201410:30-11:15Johannes Ringwald, M.Sc. Progress Report: Combining Movement PrimitivesS02|02 E202
30.04.201411:15-11:45Sascha Brandl, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Learning to Pour Using Warped FeaturesS02|02 E202
30.04.201410:45-11:15Viktor Kisner and Dimitar Ho. ADP Final Presetation: Trajectory Tracking Controller for a 4-DoF Flexible Joint Robot ArmS02|02 E202
28.04.201416:15-17:45Constantin Rothkopf: Visuomotor behavior in naturalistic tasks -- from receptive fields to value functionsS202 C110
28.04.201411:00-12:00Alberto Romay, Research Talk: An Integrated Concept for Control, Vision Based Learning, and Supervision of Robotic Manipulation TasksA313
23.04.201411:15-12:00Adrià Colomé Figueras, Research Talk: Lower dimensionality representation of movement primitives for learningS02|02 E202
23.04.201410:45-11:15Rudolf Lioutikov, Research Talk: Towards a 3rd Hand!S02|02 E202
16.04.201410:45-11:30Herke van Hoof, Research talk: Kernel embeddings of transition models for reinforcement learningS02|02 E202
9.04.201411:30-12:00Elmar Rueckert, Research Talk: Probabilistic Inference for Movement PlanningS02|02 E202
9.04.201410:45-11:30Christoph Dann, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Value function based reinforcement learning with temporal differencesS202 E302
19.03.201410:45-11:45Manuel Mühlig (Visitor), Research Talk: Receding Horizon Optimization of Robot Motions generated by Hierarchical Movement PrimitivesS02|02 E202
19.03.201410:00-10:45Jan Reubold, M.Sc. Final Presentation: 3D Object Reconstruction from Partial ViewE302
12.03.201411:15-11:45Sascha Brandl, B.Sc. Progress Report: Learning to Pour using Warped FeaturesS02|02 E202
12.03.201410:45-11:15Gregor Gebhardt, M.Sc. Progress Report: Spectral HMMs for Robot ControlS02|02 E202
12.03.201410:15-10:45Julius von Willich, B.Sc. Progress Report: Reinforcement Learning for Heros of NewerthS02|02 E202
10.03.201410:30-12:00Nick Hockings (Visitor), Research Talk: "Mechanisms of the human hand, and how to emulate them" and "Smoothed Particle SLAM for manipulation "S02|02 E202
5.03.201416:00-16:30Hong Linh Thai, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Laplacian Mesh Editing for Interaction LearningS02|02 E202
5.03.201415:30-16:00Kevin Luck, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Latent Space Reinforcement LearningS202 A313
28.02.201418:00-18:45Thomas Hesse, B.Sc. Final Presentation, Spectral Learning of HMMsS02|02 E202
19.02.201410:45-11:15Yevgen Chebotar, M.Sc. Thesis Final Report: Learning Robot Tactile Sensing for Object ManipulationS02|02 E202
12.02.201411:30-12:15Stefan Zeiss, M.Sc. Progress Report: Manipulation Skill for Robotic AssemblyS02|02 E202
12.02.201410:30-11:30Gerhard Neumann, Research TalkS202 E302
5.02.201411:15-12:15Simon Manschitz, M.Sc. Thesis Final Report: Learning sequential skills for robot manipulation tasksS02|02 E202
23.01.201417:00-18:00Bram Vanderborght: From stiff actuators over SEA, VSA to series-parallel elastic actuation: New concepts for compliant actuatorsS2|07/167
22.01.201410:45-11:45Marc Deisenroth, Research TalkS02|02 E202
22.01.201410:45-11:15Annemarie Mattmann, B.Sc. Progress Report: Modeling Human Ball Catching as Optimal ControlS202 E302
20.01.201416:30-17:30Sanket Kamthe, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Multi-modal Inference in Time SeriesS202 A213
15.01.201410:00-10:45Intermediate Projekt-Praktikum PresentationsS02|02 E202
18.12.201311:15-11:45Kevin Luck, B.Sc. Progress Report: Latent Space Reinforcement Learning - A Progess ReportS202 E302
18.12.201310:45-11:15Aaron Hochländer, B.Sc. Progress Report: Reinforcement Learning for PacmanS02|02 E202
11.12.201310:45-11:45Christian Daniel, Research Talk: Learning Reward FunctionsS202 E302
10.12.20139:45-10:45Guilherme Maeda, Research Talk: Overview on Prior ResearchS202 A126
3.12.201310:00-11:00Torsten Felzer (Visitor), Research Talk: How Someone with a Neuromuscular Disease Experiences Operating a PC (and How to Successfully Counteract that)S02|02 E202
28.11.201315:10-17:10Ulf Brefeld, Research Talk: Structured Prediction ModelsD017
27.11.201310:45-11:45Roberto Calandra, Research Talk: Feature LearningS202 E302
20.11.201310:45-11:45Herke van Hoof, Research Talk: Predictive State Representations for RLS202 E302
13.11.201315:30-16:30Prof. Sven Dickinson (University of Toronto): Perceptual Grouping using SuperpixelsRoom 074 Fraunhofer IGD Fraunhofer-strasse 5, S3|05
13.11.201311:45-12:15Simon Manschitz, M.Sc. Thesis Progress Report: Learning sequential skills for robot manipulation tasksS202 E302
13.11.201311:15-11:45Yannick Schroecker, B.Sc. Progress Report: Artificial Curiosity for Motor Skill LearningS202 E302
13.11.201310:45-11:15Hong Linh Thai, B.Sc. Progress Report: Laplacian Mesh Editing for Interaction LearningS202 E302
6.11.201310:45-11:15Sebastian Schoengen, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Visual feature learning for interactive segmentationS202 E302
30.10.201311:15-12:15Filipe Veiga, Research Talk: Robotic Grasp Optimization from Contact Force AnalysisS202 E302
30.10.201310:45-11:15Dominik Notz, B.Sc. Final Presentation: Reinforcement learning for planning in high-dimensional domainsS202 E302
25.10.201311:00-12:00Prof. Martin Jagersand (University of Alberta, Canada): Improving robot arm/hand tele-operation through vision guided semi-autonomy and predictive displayS202 E202
23.10.201311:45-12:15Marco Ewerton, Test talk: Learning Responsive Robot Behavior by ImitationS202 E302
23.10.201311:15-11:45Thomas Hesse, B.Sc. Thesis Progress Report: Spectral Learning of Hidden Markov ModelsS202 E302
23.10.201310:45-11:15Sandra Amend, B.Sc Thesis Progress Report: Learning good Features for RLS202 E302
22.10.201312:00-12:20Rudolf Lioutikov, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Information Theoretic Stochastic Optimal ControlS202 A126
22.10.201311:30-11:50Yevgen Chebotar, M.Sc. Thesis Progress Report: Learning Robot Tactile Sensing for Object ManipulationS202 A126
7.10.201317:00-18:15Herke van Hoof, Test talk: Probabilistic Interactive Segmentation for Anthropomorphic Robots in Cluttered EnvironmentsS202 E302
7.10.201316:30-17:00Felix Schmitt, M.Sc. Final Presentation: Probabilistic Nonlinear Model Predictive Control based on Pontryagin's Minimum PrincipleS202 E302


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