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ScanKlausuren (Scan exam)


Making the Exam

  • hda provides a guideline ('Leitfaden')
  • it is possible to have one group account and, after the exams have been scanned by the group account, assign questions to other accounts.
  • Bonus: Possibility of adding it on the title page of the exam itself
  • Briefing of students how to fill the title header (hda provides slides); upload them in moodle
  • Bei multiple choice Anzahl der richtigen Antworten aufzählen (laut APB)

During exam

  • make sure the students filled and crossed their matriculation number correctly
  • Regarding exam review: Students should register before s.t. the exams can be printed or searched before

Online Questions During Lecture

  • pingo
  • mentimeter

Recording of the Lecture

'Aufzeichnungservice' of the hda.


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