30.09.202214:00-14:20Jascha Hellwig, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Reinforcement Learning in Stable Vector Fields
 14:30-15:30Paul Jansonnie, Research Talk: Skill Discovery through Task Generation for Robotic Manipulation 
 15:30-15:50Pascal Stenger, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Advanced Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Planning 
7.10.202214:00-14:15Mark Baierl, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Score-Based Imitation Learning
 14:15-14:30Paul-Otto Müller, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Learning Interpretable Representations for Visuotactile Sensors 
 14:30-15:00Georgia Chalvatzaki, Research talk: Shaping Robotic Assistance through Structured Robot LearningS202|E202
 15:00-15:30Daljeet Nandha, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Leveraging Large Language Models For Autonomous Task Planning
13.10.202210:00-11:00Takayuki Osa (U.Tokyo), Invited Talk: Objective function with multiple extrema in robot learningB002 and
14.10.202214:00-14:20Pascal Herrmann, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: 6D Pose Estimation and Tracking for Ubongo 3D
 14:20-14:50Oliver Järnefelt, M.Sc. thesis defense: Modular Value Function Factorization in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning 
21.10.202214:00-15:00Dieter Buechler (MPIIS), Invited Talk: New developments at Learning Muscular Robots
 15:00-15:20Daniel Musekamp, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Amortized Variational Inference using GMMs for Inverse Kinematics 
28.10.202214:00-14:45Yunlong Song (UZH/ETHZ), Invited Talk: Reinforcement Learning for Agile Drone Flight
4.11.202214:00-15:00Siwei Ju, Research Talk: Imitating and outperforming professional race driversB002
13.12.202213:00-15:30Alexander Cowen-Rivers, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Pushing The Limits of Sample-Efficient Optimisation


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