9.06.202314:00-14:45Aditya Bhatt, Research Talk: How Bio-plausible Backprop alternatives are also fast and cheap Feedback ControllersE202 and
 14:45-15:15Johannes Heeg, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Maximum Entropy Task Space Exploration 
 15:15-15:45Rickmer Krohn, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Multisensory Reinforcement Learning for Contact-rich Robotic Manipulation 
 15:45-16:15Leon Keller, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Context-Dependent Variable Impedance Controllers With Stability Guarantees 
12.06.202314:00-15:00Krishan Rana (QUT), Invited Talk: TBUE202 and
14.06.202320:00-21:00Shuran Song (Columbia University), Invited Talk: Learning Meets Gravity: Robots that Embrace Dynamics from Pixels
16.06.202314:00-15:00Pierre Schumacher (IMPRS-IS), Invited Talk: Reinforcement Learning with and for Musculoskeletal SystemsE202 and
 15:00-15:30Rukang Xu, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Improving Markerless HandTracking usingSoftware-Synchronized Visual-Inertial Odometry 
19.06.202314:00-15:00Tan Chen (Michigan Tech), Invited Talk: Control, Robustness, and Contact-Based Mechanics in Biped LocomotionE202 and
21.06.202314:00-15:00Danny Driess (TU Berlin), Invited Talk: PaLM-E - An Embodied Multimodal Language ModelE202 and
23.06.202314:00-14:30Theo Vincent, Research Talk: Rethinking Approximate Value Iteration algorithmsE202 and
 14:30-15:00An Le, Research Talk: On The Optimal Transport In Robot Motion Planning 
28.06.202316:00-17:30Katerina Fragkiadaki (CMU), Invited Talk: TBAE202 and
30.06.202314:00-14:30Maximilian Tölle, Research Talk: Event-based Natural Language FeedbackE202 and
 14:30-15:30Julen Urain, Research Talk: Robot Motion Generative Models 
7.07.202314:00-15:00Junning Huang, Research Talk: Robust Feedback Linearization for Tracking Control of Robot ManipulatorsE202 and
14.07.202314:00-14:45Boris Belousov, Research Talk: Systems AI for Robot LearningE202 and
21.07.202314:00-15:00Snehal Jauhri, Research Talk: Coupling perception, mobility and manipulation: a challenge & opportunity for Robot LearningE202 and
4.08.202314:00-14:45Firas Al-Hafez, Research Talk: Challenges and Frontiers in Learning Natural LocomotionE202 and
 14:45-15:15Mario Gomez, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Towards Dynamic Robot Juggling: Adaptive Planning for Sideswap Patterns 
11.08.202314:00-15:00Tim Schneider, Research Talk: Active Haptic ExplorationE202 and
24.08.202314:00-15:00Kay Hansel, Research Talk: T.B.DE202 and
25.08.202314:00-14:45Niklas Funk, Research Talk: Tactile Feedback in Closed-Loop ControlE202 and
1.09.202314:00-14:30Joao Carvalho, Research Talk: T.B.A.E202 and
29.09.202314:00-15:00Pascal Klink, Research Talk: TBAE202
18.10.202317:00-20:00Hamish Flynn, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: PAC-Bayes Bounds for Bandits: Algorithms and GuaranteesE202 and
23.10.202316:00-19:00Andreas Look, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Deterministic Approximations for Deep State-Space ModelsE202 and
7.11.202315:00-18:00Pascal Klink, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Reinforcement Learning Curricula as Paths between Task DistributionsE202 and


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