17.05.202115:00-16:00Nikolai Matni (University of Pennsylvania), Invited Talk: Robust Learning for Safe Control
20.05.202114:00-14:30Alessandro Vincenti, B.Sc. Thesis Defense: Developing a Robot Head for Internal State Visualization
 14:30-15:00Mattis Kaemmerer, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Measure-Valued Derivatives for Machine Learning 
 15:00-15:30Tuan Dam, Research Talk: Monte-Carlo Tree Search and its application in Robot Path Planning 
27.05.202114:00-15:00Philip Becker-Ehmck, Research Talk: Empowered Exploration
 15:00-16:00Alec Tschantz (University of Sussex), Invited Talk: Practical applications of active inference 
 16:00-16:30Simon Kohaut, Honor Thesis Defense: Visual Perception for Assistive Robots 
3.06.202114:00-14:45Joe Watson, Research Talk: Bayesian Inference for Control
 14:45-15:30Fabian Otto (BCAI), Invited Talk: Differentiable Trust Region Layers for Deep Reinforcement Learning 
10.06.202114:00-15:00Junning Huang, Research Talk: Model-based Reinforcement Learning for Plate Spinning
17.06.202114:00-14:45Boris Belousov, Research Talk: Touch2Feel — Tactile Active Inference
24.06.202114:00-15:00Fabio Muratore, Research Talk: Randomized CTM
1.07.202114:00-15:00Jan Peters, Research Talk: Lessons from 10 Years IAS @ TU Darmstadt
8.07.202114:00-15:00Hany Abdulsamad, Research Talk: Variational Approaches to Hybrid Control
15.07.202114:00-15:00Davide Tateo, Research Talk: Robot Air Hockey
5.08.202114:00-15:00Tianyu Ren, Research Talk: Adaptive Task and Motion Planing
 15:00-15:30Mattis Kraemmerer, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Measure-Valued Derivatives for Machine Learning 
26.08.202114:00-15:00Joni Pajarinen, Research Talk: Reinforcement Learning under Partial Observability
2.09.202114:00-15:00Georgia Chalvatzaki, Research Talk: Robot learning of mobile manipulation
9.09.202114:00-15:00Carlo D'Eramo, Research Talk: Boosted Curriculum and Multi-Task Reinforcement Learning
28.09.202117:00-18:30Fabio Muratore, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Reinforcement Learning from Randomized Physics Simulations
30.09.202114:00-15:00Oleg Arenz, Research Talk: Hierarchical Learning for Robot Drumming
19.11.202115:00-17:00Michael Lutter, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Inductive Biases for Machine Learning in Robotics and Control


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