20.10.202115:20-17:00Ruth Rosenholtz (MIT), Invited Talk: Demystifying the richness of visual perception
22.10.202114:30-15:00Yifei Wang, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Bimanual Control and Learning with Composable Energy Policies
 15:45-16:15Tim Schneider, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Active Inference for Robotic Manipulation 
25.10.202118:30-21:30Stefan Loeckel, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Machine Learning for Modeling and Analyzing of Race Car Drivers
29.10.202115:00-15:45Andy Morgan (Yale), Invited Talk: Challenges of in-hand manipulation
4.11.202115:30-17:30Hany Abdulsamad, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Machine Learning of Hybrid Dynamics and Control
12.11.202115:00-15:30Nick Heppert, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Articulated Object Tracking for Robot Manipulation
19.11.202110:00-11:00Joni Pajarinen, Research Talk: Reinforcement Learning under Partial Observability
 11:00-11:15Chen Xue, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Task Classification and Local Manipulation Controllers 
 11:15-11:30Lei Xu, M.Sc. Intermediate Presentation: Integrated AI planning for general-purpose robot manipulation 
19.11.202115:00-17:00Michael Lutter, Ph.D. Thesis Defense: Inductive Biases for Machine Learning in Robotics and Control
3.12.202114:00-15:00Davide Tateo, Research Talk: Robot Air Hockey
 15:00-16:00Aldo Pacchiano (Microsoft Research NYC), Invited Talk: TBDPlease register using
17.12.202114:00-15:00Oleg Arenz, Research Talk: Hierarchical Learning: What is Missing?
14.01.202214:00-14:30Lei Xu, M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Integrated AI planning for general-purpose robot manipulation


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