I have graduated. I now work for Google DeepMind.

Alexander Imani Cowen-Rivers

Research Interests

Reinforcement learning; Robotics; Bayesian Optimisation;

Contact Information


Alexander I. Cowen-Rivers is a PhD student in the Intelligent Autonomous Systems group working on Reinforcement Learning and Bayesian Optimisation. Alexander I. Cowen-Rivers joined the lab in November 2019 after receiving his MSc in Machine Learning & Data Science from University College London in October 2018.

During his MSc research, Alexander worked under the supervision of Prof. Sebastian Riedel, and Prof. Tim Rocktäschel focusing particularly on Knowledge Graphs and Variational Inference.

Key references

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    Cowen-Rivers, A. (2022). Pushing The Limits of Sample-Efficient Optimisation, Ph.D. Thesis.

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