Email Rules

I get swamped with email and if I spent all day answering email, I would be no use to anyone. Thus, please make sure to follow my email rules such that still can answer most emails.

  • Job, Scholarship & Internships Applications: Submit your application materials through our application website. Please do not send applications by email, we cannot consider them, use our application website. (For emailed applications, you may not receive an answer due to the many spam applications; in some cases, we are legally bound to not consider you as a candidate if you have applied by email, and, potentially, flooding inboxes may bias us during future applications. Also, if you email me an application, we know that you have not visited my homepage and have not read this text, which does not start us off on the right food). I will not even see copy & paste applications with megabytes of PDFs as my spam filter removes them, please forgive me, but you will not receive a reply. If we have open positions, they will be listed at here. Scholarship applications (including DAAD WISE, CSC or other) and internships (we only host interns who bring their own funding) will also only be considered if send through our application website.
  • Prüfungspläne und Mentorenwechsel für Computational Engineering: Die Prüfungspläne und Formulare zum Mentorenwechsel bitte immer direkt per email an Bitte nicht per email an meine Adresse, da gehen sie bei 500 Emails pro Tag einfach unter!
  • Student Recommendation Letters: I prefer to write recommendation letters only for students whom I really can strongly recommend with a positive letter. Weak letters do not help you. Thus, please think, if you have caught my eye due to your research and/or performance in my classes before requesting one. Naturally, all students whom we have added to the IAS Top-Student List should request a letter from me when needed.
  • Administration: Alle administrativen Angelegenheiten (Studienbüro, Personal, etc) bitte immer *DIREKT* an Ich kriege 500 Emails pro Tag und mehr als 100 Emails pro Tag bleiben daher unbearbeitet.
  • Aggressive Spam Filtering: Make sure to really address the email to me. My aggressively spam filter flags emails starting with Dear Sir... or Respected Sir as spam. Please forgive me if I never get to read them...