My computer history goes back to when I was seven and my dad brought home a Hewlett Packard computer which he needed for his computations. This thing is so old that even I don't remember its name nor its propriotary operating system, but I learned FORTRAN back then. Later, when we got a PC when I was twelve, I moved on to PASCAL, MODULA-2, C, C++. I was once even really good at Windows programming with Turbo Pascal or Visual C++. My first installation of Linux was in 1994; however, it did not change my life and no subsequent installation persuaded me to use it for more than programming. However, there are two software programs which changed my life: Mac OS X with its inherent beauty combining the solidness of UNIX with good looks, and Scientific Workplace which is still the best way to typeset LaTeX if you want to create equations faster than anybody else.

A bit of my 'wisdom' is shared with you: