Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS)

In the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group headed by Jan Peters since July 2011 at TU Darmstadt and since May 2007 at the Max (:youtube MCqtKgwQlaQ :) Planck Institute, we develop methods for learning models and control policy in real time, see e.g., learning models for control and learning operational space control. We are particularly interested in reinforcement learning where we try push the state-of-the-art further on and received a tremendous support by the RL community. Much of our research relies upon learning motor primitives that can be used to learn both elementary tasks as well as complex applications such as grasping or sports.

Some more information on us fore the general public can be found in a long article in the Max Planck Research magazine, small stubs in New Scientist, WIRED and the Spiegel, as well as on the IEEE Blog on Robotics and Engadget.


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