Getting Started at TU Darmstadt

Documents to bring to Darmstadt

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of degrees
  • Transcripts of grades (University and High School)
  • Passport photograph for university employee card
  • Possibly a statement of having no criminal record from your home country (needs to be checked!)

Bureaucratic things to take care of

When you come to TU Darmstadt, especially from another country, there are a couple of things you have to take care of. The following presents a (probably non-exhaustive list) of organizations and authorities you should visit before or quickly after moving to Darmstadt. The lists attempts to present the tasks in a chronological order and to identify possible preconditions for every task, but check this in any case!

Once you move to Darmstadt or when you know the date you're moving

  • Registering with the civic authority at the Einwohnermeldeamt. Bring passport and rental agreement. Non-EU citizens might also have to go to the Ausländerbehörde.

Make sure you don't go there before you actually moved in...

After you've registered at the civic authorities / Einwohnermeldeamt

When you know your contract starting date

  • Registering for insurance at a Krankenkasse (public insurance, as opposed to private insurance for incomes above 49.950). As far as I know, you could apply to any Krankenkasse but TU Darmstadt co-operates the Techniker Krankenkasse. For some reason, they'll only insure you from the date your contract starts.

Documents to sign

  • Belehrung

Finding an accommodation

  • When using a realtor website, be warned that they usually want to meet you in person. Realtors also want a one-time fee (might be as high as two months' rent). September is generally the most competitive time to find an apartment.
  • This is a good temporary accommodation It is very close to the university (5 min by foot) and it is also cheap. They offer rooms with shared or private bathroom.
  • Here is a link to the only hostel in Darmstadt:
  • Another good temporary accommodation is the Ibis budget hotel. Is has a decent price and it is very close to the city centre.

Get the following:

  1. username: <YOUR-TU-ID>
  2. password: password of YOUR-TU-ID
  • A key by asking our secretaries about sending a mail to with the numbers of rooms to which you want to have access.


In Germany, apart from the compulsory health insurance there are several other optional and different insurances. The question is, should you join them and which type of insurance to join? This is kind of gray zone but you should be aware of the "Private Haftpflichtversicherung" and the "Hausratsversicherung" to start with. You can read more here:

Other Questions:

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