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Machine Learning, Robotics, Control, Signal Processing.

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Marc Deisenroth

From 12/2011 to 08/2013 I was Group Leader (Machine Learning for Control) at IAS in Darmstadt and work package manager for the EU Project CompLACS.

In 09/2013 I moved to Imperial College London where I now head the Statistical Machine Learning Group. I remain affliated with TU Darmstadt as an adjunct researcher on a part-time basis through the EU Project CompLACS.

Please see my main website for up-to-date information.

Research Expertise

  • Machine Learning: Gaussian processes, Reinforcement learning, Bayesian inference, Graphical models, Active learning, Bayesian optimization
  • Control and Robotics: Optimal control, Learning legged locomotion, Robot learning, Imitation learning
  • Signal Processing: Bayesian state estimation, System identification, Inference and learning in nonlinear dynamical systems

Current Co-Supervision at TU Darmstadt


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