Study Booklets from my time at USC

During my Ph.D. at USC, I started taking classes in Mechanical Engineering. For some of these, I made some good notes. These are given below:

 Nonlinear Control Notes[download]
 Analytical Dynamics Notes[download]

I will add more things here.

Some more notes on Nonlinear and Adaptive Control.

Study Booklets from Munich University of Technology

When studying in Munich, I initially spent a lot of time creating booklets with all important equations etc which I had previously learned. Unfortunately, I only did them on my computer in my first year - after that they were all pencil-and-paper; also they are all in German. They are downloadable right here.

[German:] Als ich an der Technischen Universitaet Muenchen vor vielen langen Jahren Elektro- und Informationstechnik studiert habe, da habe ich im ersten Jahr viel Zeit auf gute Formelsammlungen verschwendet. Diese koennen immer noch hier gefunden werden:

 Hoehere Mathematik I+II Formelsammlung[download]
 Elektrizitaetslehre Formelsammlung[download]
 Schaltungstechnik 1 +2 Formelsammlung [download]
 Signalverarbeitung Formelsammlung[download]
 Werkstoffkunde Formelsammlung[download]
 Physik Formelsammlung[download]

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