Supervised Theses and Projects

YearThesis/ProjectTogether withStudent(s)Topic
2024Integrated ProjectBoris BelousovErik Helmut, Luca DziarskiForce Distribution Estimation for Optical Tactile Sensors based on Finite Element Analysis
2024Master ThesisBoris BelousovAndranik AristakesyanAnalysing Sparse Attention in Reinforcement Learning for Continuous Control: alpha-entmax and Attention Masking for Morphology-Aware Decision-Making
2023Master Thesis Christian HammacherObject Pose Estimation and Manipulation from Pointclouds using Energy-based Models
2023Master ThesisKay HanselMaximilian LangerEnergy-based Models for 6D Pose Estimation
2023Integrated ProjectBoris BelousovErik Helmut, Luca DziarskiVisuotactile Shear Force Estimation
2023Integrated Project Changqi Chen, Simon Muchau, Jonas RingsdorfTactile Environment Interaction
2022Master ThesisBoris BelousovPaul-Otto MüllerLearning Interpretable Representations for Visuotactile Sensors
2022Master ThesisBoris BelousovXiangyu XuVisuotactile Grasping From Human Demonstrations
2022Master Thesis Sebastian SzelagMulti-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Assembly
2022Integrated ProjectKay HanselMax Zimmermann, Dominik Marino, Maximilian LangerLearn to Play Tangram with Graph-based Reinforcement Learning
2022Integrated ProjectKay HanselMaximilian LangerLearn to Play Tangram with Graph-based Reinforcement Learning
2022Master ThesisGeorgia ChalvatzakiSimon KiefhaberLeveraging Energy-Based Models for Multi-Object 6D Pose Estimation
2022Bachelor ThesisPascal KlinkLeon MagnusReal-time Object Tracking for Assembly
2022Bachelor Thesis Svenja MenzenbachLeveraging Learned Graph-based Heuristics for efficiently solving the Combinatorics of Assembly
2021Master ThesisBoris BelousovFrederik WegnerLearning Vision-Based Tactile Representations for Robotic Architectural Assembly
2021Integrated ProjectBelousov, B.; Chalvatzaki, G.Jan Emrich, Simon KiefhaberProbabilistic Object Tracking Using Depth Carmera
2021Integrated ProjectBelousov, B.; Chalvatzaki, G.Leon Magnus, Svenja Menzenbach, Max SiebenbornObject Tracking for Robotic Assembly
2021Integrated ProjectBelousov, B.; Chalvatzaki, G.; Wibranek, B.Jan SchneiderArchitectural Assembly: Simulation and Optimization