Kay Hansel

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Research Interests

Machine Learning, Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Optimal Control, Motor-Skill Learning, Hyper-Autonomous Robot Learning, Musterlösungen

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Mail. Kay Hansel
TU Darmstadt, FG IAS,
Hochschulstr. 10, 64289 Darmstadt
Office. Room E225, Building S2|02

Kay Hansel joined the Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS) Lab as a Ph.D. student in May 2021. His research interests include machine learning, reinforcement learning, optimal control, and robotics.

Before starting his Ph.D., Kay Hansel completed his Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences and his Master's degree in Autonomous Systems at the TU Darmstadt. His thesis "Probabilistic Dynamic Mode Primitives" was written under the supervision of Svenja Stark and Hany Abdulsamad.

Research Interests

Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Optimal Control, Robotics, Imitation Learning, Human-Robot Interaction

Key References

  1. Hansel, K.; Moos, J.; Derstroff, C. (2021). Benchmarking the Natural Gradient in Policy Gradient Methods and Evolution Strategies, Reinforcement Learning Algorithms: Analysis and Applications, pp.69--84, Springer.   BibTeX Reference [BibTex]


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